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Secret Santa Swap

Good Lord I got so preoccupied with baking and The Walking Dead catch up I forgot to post for my Secret Santa Swap,  slap me silly.
I played Santa To Vannee Nunes at anythingbutordinary-xo.blogspot.ca and I confess I creeped her blog lots to find info to add extra surprises.
In the days leading up to receiving my surprise I received an E Card from American Greetings, it was oh so cute and such a nice surprise in my in box.

On the 13th my gift arrived, bright pretty package, and as you can probably tell like a little kid I started opening the package and then remembered oopsie I am a blogger I shoulkd take a picture.

Cutest little card,  Oh Snap,  love it 

Inside was an amazing selection of Christmas Teas, and we do so love our teas.
We have not yet opened the teas but we love loose leaf teas and have quite the selection not just of teas but of diffuser teapots and cups, so this will fit nicely with our collection.
Thanks Santa

  • very cool! i'm sure she will love it!

  • Oh, I used to love this stuff when I was working! It really jazzes up the workweek and the holiday season, doesn't it?!
    P.S. Can you check if you are a no reply blogger? It's in your settings! Then I (and other Blogger's!) can answer your questions and comments via email:)

    • I think I have it working now. All this time I have responded to people and I do not think they are aware, the things you learn)

  • I changed a few things so I hope it allows the email exchange now.The Secret Santa was a blog exchange so it made it ver interesting