Loving Life after 50

Sunday Social

It is that time of the week again, 

1. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
I adore the Chapmans Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup ice cream
2. What is your favorite smell?
As much as I am a chocoholic my favourite smell is Vanilla , vanilla anything.

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3. What is your favorite TV commercial? (Past or present) 
Mean Joe Green is always the first commercial to come to my mind when someone asks about commercials.

4. What is your favorite day of the week? 

Friday, end of the weekday and homemade Pizza and Wine evening at home. Kent makes the greatest pizza and we savour our Friday evenings together.

5. What is your favorite way to waste time?
No question reading blogs. It can be so time consuming and you can lose track of time doing it so easily, but it’s also wonderful to find so many awesome blogs and posts, that it’s a great way to waste time! 

6. What is your favorite article of clothing?

I am not sure how to answer this one, I love leggings as a go to stable but I love my shoes…. I love clothes period not sure I can narrow this down to one type or one piece. I am going to cheat and go with an outfit,
Boyfriend cardigan, jeggings or leggings, Flannel shirt and riding boots is my fav outfit at the moment.