Loving Life after 50

Sunday Social.

Can you believe it’s already Christmas week? 2013 has just flown by! I cannot wait for Tuesday and then 12 days off

This week’s questions are more holiday fun!

1. What is your favorite holiday season tradition?

Our annual Open House, we invite everyone we connect with and enjoy the eclectic mix of people that show up, work friends, neighbours, festival buds, friends, family, you name it, if we connect with you during the year we invite you to the party.  This year once again with a snow storm raging we still had 60 people drop in. ( Party was last night hence the reason for the late post today)

2. Do you have a certain holiday movie you watch more than others? If so, what is it?

Die Hard 1 and 2 every year, Miracle on 34th Street and Santa Clause.  Love those movies,  

3. Show us your favorite decoration or pinterest decoration you wish you could have?

I love decorating with deco mesh, but I cannot decide what my fav is,  love the look of the front door after the snow storm.

front entry

Then my front hall

christmas decor, hallway

4. What is your favorite holiday song?

Theses two are my favourites:

Ryan MacDonald “Please Come Home For Christmas”



5. What is your favorite holiday dessert?

Christmas Cookies and I bake tons.

christmas cookies

A sampler plate of my baked goods.

6. What is on your wish list this year?

Michael Kors Purse or a Kate Spade Bag

MICHAEL Michael Kors MICHAEL Michael Kors  Mini Hamilton Messengermichael kors bag