Loving Life after 50

The Blogmopolitan Quiz Senior Edition

Saw a post this afternoon and it brought back a lot of memories, guess Cosmo is timeless.  Who doesn’t remember going cover to cover because this was going to tell us how to please a man, while losing weight without dieting and having perfect hair while all this is going on.  Gosh I loved that magazine and then the Celebrity Quiz, I devoured their answers and liked to live vicariously through them,  probably why I love blogging and blog posts so much.

So I may be a day or two older then the other link ups but Cosmo and the answers seems to show there are things other than a Louis Vuitton Bag or a Michael Kors watch that are timeless.

So I hope you all had a great time reminiscing and reading all the quiz results.( and crap I need some lessons it took me forever to try and figure out how to post my answers on this quiz,  this blogging is a two step forward one step back process) So if anyone happens to read this is there actually a better way then paint to add responses to this….. and you are all probabl going to tell you a quick 30 second method so I will be banging my head against the wall as you try to edumacate this chicky ( and yea I did that on purpose)

Hope on over to Two Thirds Hazel and link up people 

  • Haha well if anyone tells you how to do it without Paint you let me know. Because that's exactly what I used too 🙂

  • thanks, I sure felt like a moron trying to fill out the non fillable form lol

  • Cute gif! haha.
    Also, I love the nickname Lou!

  • haha, I saved the quiz as a jpg and added text in picasa 3. But anyways.. smoking, lack of ambition, and appearance seem to be the top 3 turn-offs haha. And I love your advice! 🙂
    xoxo Aimee