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The Seed – A Book Review

The Seed - An Ironic Political Thriller

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The new U.S. President is a ruthless scoundrel. His activist son, Diego, discovers that his father conspired with the CEO of a major oil company and the dictator of Venezuela to manipulate the oil markets, causing high gas prices, and ensuring his election as a drill friendly president. Diego’s environmental action group exposes the President’s illegal act, unleashing a firestorm of criticism against the president, and several nasty murder attempts against Diego by the big oil CEO. The President’s troubles increase when a mistress comes forward claiming to be carrying his child, his wife sues for divorce, and the dictator of Venezuela invades neighboring countries to control their oil, and threatens the U.S. with an attack of donated North Korean nuclear missiles if the U.S. tries to intervene. And this is only a small part of this tangled tale of intrigue and struggle for power. Diego and the President both try to take control of this out-of-control situation, but many surprising twists and turns finally lead to an unexpected resolution.

Well never one to turn down an opportunity to get free books,  cuz I love books, I thought I would give this a whirl.  How easy would it be,  get a free book, have some relaxing me time and then share my experiences with you,  heck sounds like a win-win to me.
I am not normally a Political Thriller kind of girl when it comes to Books ( movies no question but books not so much). Now this one was not what you would ordinarily expect from a political thriller. When I first started the book the opening throw me for a bit of a loop but it all made sense as the story unfolded. So I encourage you to read the beginning with a grain of salt and remember it will all make sense eventually.  Do not judge the book by the beginning,  I loved anticipating what was going to happen to these characters and how they would interact with each other. The book never seemed to have any true heros but rather showed how each and everyone of us has the ability to be good while still contemplating the not so positive actions we all wish to take at times. Filled with some interesting twists, turns, and surprises, Once I got started I could not wait to finish the book, I really wanted to see how the characters would not only interact with each other but ultimately how would they each end up. I was slightly disappointed with the ending but overall I would recommend giving this one a shoot. It is strange that I was unhappy with the ending int hat normally I get frustrated when books do not tie up all the loose ends but this time I felt the author rushed that part and was to anxious to tie up all loose hands and thus a little bit of the mystique was lost.
I do think the concept is interesting and the plot would make an interesting Movie or series.

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