Loving Life after 50

This weeks Five Little Grins

Where has my day gone, I just realized I have completed forgotten to post my grins today and I have a lot to grin about..

1) Went to a Christmas get together Sunday Afternoon  and meet a pile of brand new people, always love meeting people ( and the host told me that in monitoring my facebook page I reminded him of Doris Day, gonna take that one as a compliment that I am a sunshiny person)

2) Went to Target today to buy a Christmas Present for someone and they had a sale going on, womens clothing for $5.00, it was insane and totally not crowded, hard putting stuff back but I managed to walk away with some great outfits and only spent 40.00. I felt like the lady in the Ikea Commercial when I left the store.

3)House smells wonderful as I have been baking like crazy, 13 types of cookies and squares so far and a few more to go, and I so love having Christmas baking around and giving it away ( always goes over so well, people love getting home baked goods and are always so appreciative)

4) We watched the whole season 4 of Walking Dead last night and today, lord I love that show

5) My Christmas Shopping is done, my house is all decorated and the lists are all ready for what we need for the open house on Saturday, life is good people.

Sending positive thoughts to all those who may not have 5 grins this week, remember when life gives you lemons, add sugar and vodka and it will all seem better.

  • Those cookies look delicious!!! We made some today too, but just one type. I wanted to give them out to my dance teachers

    • I give them to everyone I can think of, people are always so appreciative of cookies

  • I want some of those cookies and I so need to start the walking dead.

  • This is wonderful!! Your cookies look delicious! I wish I had time to bake. I'm sick right now, so I don't want to risk it 🙁