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A Day in Miami

So noticed a few comments on my facebook page today,  “Do you ever stay home”, “do you guys ever work”….. and it goes on,  I guess it does seem like we are gone alot but with kids no longer home and jobs with great vacation benefits why would we right?  Especially if home is going to have a ton of snow and freezing temperatures.

Today in Miami I hear a lot of complaints about the cool temperatures, seriously people it was 73 degrees that is not cold. I actually ran into a guy on the beach bitching, “I left Jersey for this, this is way to cold”  seriously dude what temperature do ya think it is in Jersey.

It may not have been 85 degrees but it was warm enough to sit by the pool in a bathing suit, warm enough for shorts when we went for food and a light cardigan and shorts when the wind picked up on the beach was fine.  Weather update, yes it was a little cool with the wind but ya didn’t see me needing boots and a winter coat so I am happy.

Today for breakfast I wore a tshirt and shorts from J Crew, and for our lunch excursion I wore a Tank from Banana Republic and my J Crew shorts, Cardigan from Vanheusen. (Meet some great people today from Illinois and went driving around in their rented convertible so a cardigan was required.

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  • hi Linda! You get to wear shorts in January in Florida! My goshy gosh, that is so lucky. Fun post. Thank you for linking with "Fashion item Friday" and also for your sweet words of encouragement, …thanks (hug).

  • we follow the warmth when we can,

  • I'm going South for the first time next week… I can't wait! It's way too cold here in Quebec right now!
    Thanks for linking up for Passion For Fashion!

  • weather has been great and you will love it. I understand the weather issues Ottawa has been miserable

  • Adorable shorts! I love how you paired them with turquoise and yellow. Also totally jealous of that weather!

  • Hi Linda,
    I love the photos you have of various experiences with your hair getting blown around in the wind. Can you keep posting more photos in the future with your hair blowing around in your face, like it is in a couple of these photos?