Loving Life after 50

Double OOTD and Traveling to the North

Lord it feels like weeks but its for work only been a day since my last post.  Think I am a little addicted to blogging,  hmmm maybe.  On a serious note spent yesterday traveling and then when I arrived at the hotel the internet connection did not want to cooperate. ( hope when I get back to the hotel this afternoon it works better),

So I am in Thunder Bay, look at lake Superior on a map, included here for your convenience.

So yep further North then Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin so that should give you an idea of what the weather must be like,  so travel outfit is a little different.

I knew yesterday that my day would look like this:

cus I would be flying on this:

Cuz I was going here:

Yep, a little remote and a little cold with a lot of time at the airport making connections.

Back to the basic Michael Kors leggings and blouse ( colour block Navy and cream), add some pearls so I look somewhat “professional”   offset by the furry boots and we are good to go,  Top it all off with a boy friend cardigan and I am snug as a bug.

Today, Thursday, it is snowing like crazy and I am meeting some union folk to discuss strategy.  Warm, comfy clothes again.

Comfy sweater, kiki leggings, some Stella and dot jewellery and the ring I won.
Finally had time for my nails, what else does one do when they cannot get on the internet right.