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It’s a Funday Monday Post

Why the sad face you ask, I mean this is supposed to be Funday Monday and this is what the Guest host is starting with??? W.T.F right, well I lost a follower, I don’t know where they went or why they went but poof I turned around and they were gone, it started the little spiral of out of control fear… It’s like 99 bottles of Beer on the wall, you know take one down, turn around and then there are 98 bottles of beer on the wall.  What if the rest of you follow them,  good lord,  Focus Linda Focus
Then,a quick breath, read a few posts from some of my special reads and started to feel better.  Erin helped, I mean seriously check out Two thirds Hazel, hit Blogging in her label cloud and read through those posts, this one was particularly inspiring determining-success-of-your-blog.
So I got to thinking I am going to wallow in misery, am I going to be that sad pathetic, wine drinking slob in the corner, oh yea right that totally could be me, but not tonight.  Tonight I do not have time to be sad,  why you ask,  well because we booked a cruise for my Birthday, OMG, and we leave in,  wait for it…. 
10 days.  I know who is crazy enough to only give themselves 10 days to get ready for vacation. I usually find the less time we have to worry the better.( not only do I only have 10 days but I am also heading out of town for a business trip for 5 of those days)
For the past four years we have booked a Mexican Vacation, alternating each year between Cancun and the Mayan Riveria and we have loved it.  Prior to that we did Cuba and that too was awesome but we have become quite attached to the Yucatan Peninsula.


I know nothing like a couple that hate spending time together,  you can tell we hate each others company can’t you.
But this year it is my 50th Birthday so we wanted to head south a little earlier ( normally we had out around the 7th-10th of Feb) My Big Day is January 31st by the way, just in case you wanted to send me a present, or flowers, or a cupcake. 
  Our search for somewhere in Mexico did not turn up any really great deals so we started looking at cruises and wham bam thank you mamm, we found it,  a 7 day Caribbean cruise.  Booked it.  We are heading to Miami a few days earlier cuz who wants to take a chance in Canada with the winter we have been having right, and will relax for a few days in Miami afterwards.  Cozumel, Belize, Honduras and the Grand Caymen.
cruise ship gif photo:  Cruise_Ship.jpg
Cruisin peeps, like who doesn’t like that thought.  This will be my first cruise, I have done many all-inclusives but never a cruise so I am very thrilled about that, figuring between the cruise itself and all the ports we will hit I should have lots of new blog posts in February.
I could go on and on but then I realize, Linda you are going away in 10 days, get packing, so later folks.


Now join me in an aewsome experience, this week I am joining Molly and Carly in hosting their regular link up.


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  • Wow! It looks like you have been on some amazing holidays. I have the travel bug too, I so look forward to my summer holidays. Have a wonderful time on the cruise, of course, I'm not feeling envious at all!! Have a lovely birthday 🙂

  • I am so excited about the cruise, first time so we shall see how it goes.

    • Hopefully you will love it and it will open up new ways to explore the Caribbean. We started out visiting the Caribbean by going to resorts and have now switched to cruising. I will be posting a blog report on our most recent cruise soon. I have not done the Western Caribbean cruises yet as I really like the Eastern Caribbean ports.

    • I am quite optimistic, we love all inclusive resorts but this seems like a great way to visit lots of places I will post a review of Western Caribbean so you can see if it interests you. I look forward to reading your review.

  • Never be sad about losing a follower! Their loss, haha. Your birthday is going to be so great! I've only been on one cruise, and it was very lovely. Have fun!

    See you for the next Funday Monday!