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OOTD and A Pop of Colour (Color)

In case you did not notice my Canadian roots become a lot more obvious when certain words are included in the title. Ever wonder about the fascination we seem to have with the letter “u”, it is almost as if someone decided this letter is so underused we will create a new rule.  And from that day forward whenever you use an “o” and an”r” you shall insert a “U”.

Neighbour, Labour, Colour, …. well that is a major digression from an outfit post isn’t it.  Hmmm

Todays outfit was difficult to choose, I am going into the office for a few hours, then flying on a plane to Winterpeg Winnipeg where it is expected to be -50, Oh my good god, if I had the ability to see into the future I never would have agreed to a business trip this week.

Inspiration for todays choice came from Meagan at Because of Jackie and her Monthly link up,  Pop of Colour, provided some direction for my outfit and was the perfect time to wear my new sweater and blouse.

Got a bit indecisive on the vest, I mean I am going into -50 so maybe extra layers are necessary, liked the look but decided against for today.

Hair up or down,  well what does it matter as I will probably change whichever I pick before the day is over anyway. Down for now ( works better with a hat)

and then good lord, what coat,  The one thing I hate about traveling in the winter no space for extra coats.
Do I wear long, but oh right my long coat does not have a hood,  hmm my leather coat has a hood and is very warm but it is white and maybe not the most practical travel coat, plus the Suit will not fit under very well, so Black with the hood, you win today.( PS pictures of the black coat are not very good and have been posted before but I am sorry I am not going outside for good Coat pictures, its freezing)

Have a great day everyone and think of me freezing my butt off.
  • great outfit! the color is great for this time of year! you look awesome!

  • I think the random U insertion is forgivable in the scheme of all the strange spellings in the entire English language, eh? (Do I sound Canadian there? Not that I am but I wanted to fit in here. LOL) Anyway, I adore your sweater today and I think you did a fabulous job styling it for some extremely chilly temperatures! Thanks for linking up again today!
    On the Daily Express

  • I love how you discussed the rules of U and so forth!! It was definitely worth reading.
    Now to the good stuff -50 I couldn't imagine. I am struggling with the temp being in the lower tens.
    Now I am considering myself LUCKY:)

    I love the different layers and the pop of color is perfect. I am a huge fan of polka dot and I think you nailed it perfectly. I would totally rock this outfit from head to toe!!

    • thanks and you are LUCKY low tens sounds perfect to me

  • I love the color that adds!

  • just found your blog from over at "Because of Jackie" blog! love finding new blogging buddies 🙂 your welcome pic is what caught my attention….seriously, please send that snow my way. lol Anyways, I'm excited to be following along and hope you'll come say hi if you get a chance! http://www.afterelevenblog.com

  • Great sweater! I cannot even fathom -50. We had -24 wind chills this week, but I didn't bother stepping foot outside for that! Hope you managed to keep yourself un-frostbitten!
    And thanks so much for linking up!

  • This is a fun look! Hope you stayed warm! Love that necklace!
    Thanks for linking up at Perspective!

  • A woman can never have on too many layer when the Polar Vortex comes out to play! Thanks for linking up with Stylish Tuesday!

    xo, Paige

  • Loving the bright sweater and accessories! (And the crash course in Canadian spelling!) It has been frigid here as well, though I'm guessing not as cold as Winnipeg;) Thanks for linking up!

  • That sweater is so fun! I have loved all the color blocking lately. Thank you for linking up with What She Wears this month! Hope to see you next month. 🙂