Loving Life after 50

OOTD and a Pop of Pink

Serious meetings today called for serious clothes.  One of life complications business meetings on the road when the temperatures change so much. I never know what to pack so normally I revert back to the favourite ( I am sure people out there think I only own one suit sometimes)  I have a pant suit from VanHeusen that is my go to suit.  Love this suit, strange though I always hate the pictures of me in the suit but I love the suit, does that make any sense at all.  No thought not.  On a serious note I love the suit and how I feel in it but I have never managed to take a picture that looks to me how I feel in this baby.  Oh well,  taking a page from Because of Jackie except mine is I hate the pictures not the outfit post.

Paring the suit with my new pink cashmere from Anne Taylor, so cozy and warm. Love the pink with this, normally I wear blue or purple but I am digging the pink.  Necklace set is from Go Jane, shoes from Bass.
Socks,  have I mentioned my sock addiction lately, I am loving gold toe patterned socks. Forgive again the quality, hotel rooms in the morning light and IPhones do not always work well together and I have yet to master PicMonkey ( on the to do list).