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OOTD and To cold for a Polar Bear

What a chilly day we are experiencing,  -24 and feels like -34 with the wind chill ( that is celcius but trust me it still equates to really friggin cold).  There is an actual frost bite warning in place for the next four days and of course I had a meeting scheduled for today offsite, to close to cab it and to far for my liking.
Well let me tell you,  the temperature sure dictates my outfit.  I am normally a suit person for meetings but not today,  today was a take me as I am kind of outfit day.  The need to be warm far surpassed my need to be judged on how professional I might look.

I also had the thought in my head that I was linking up with Walking in Memphis in High Heels and it is an emerald green day ( and crap I have been wearing my green frequently lately and I do not want any one getting tired of certain outfits.)

So today is cashmere for warmth and tights under pants, my compormise on linkups is a splash/dash or actually dots of green and a collage of some past looks)

 I the car this morning, check out the static electricity this weather creates in my hair, nice…

 walking to the meeting, nah it’s not cold, Hat is from Marks, scarf, not really sure, Eddie Bauer Gloves, Fairweathers for coat and cougar boots ( which are not revealed in this picture LOL)

 Navy Cashmere sweater, Jones of NY, Polka Dot Blouse, Old Navy ( silk cami underneath also from Old Navy) Leggings Michael Kors, Boots Shoe Dazzle and necklace Bass,  Ring I won.

See the polka dots are emerald (actually you cannot tell in this picture but would you accept that I would not lie to you??) and my neckace and earrings are emerald, sure can’t tell I like emerald and navy together can you. 

  Shoe dazzle boots

 Please disregard the ripped cuticles, I have this nasty habit of pulling the hang nails on my hands, worse than a kid, I am.

My collage from the last few months.

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  • We have the same weather and I am bundled up to my eyebrows in layers and boots! No outfit photos for me:) Loving the polka dot top and the blue boots!

  • the weather is #$#@$%@!@$ (insert numerous curse words) I so hate the cold

  • nice look, cute boots 🙂


  • Visiting from the Love your Look Link-up! I've been rocking the tights under pants this week too! Though it's not nearly that warm here on the coast! Stay warm!

    <3 Vicki

  • I love how the emerald polka dots pair with your great boots! Stay warm out there and thanks for linking up with Stylish Tuesday!

    xo, Paige