Loving Life after 50

OOTD Plaid and Pleather

It is Sunday, a fresh new start to yet another winter week.  Today was supposed to be sunny and warm and instead it snowed, then hailed, then a bit of freezing rain and then it finally stopped.  I cannot state enough how I am so over this, I know I live in Canada but that does not mean I have to like everything about it.  Seriously why do people think because we live here we must love everything about it,  do you LOVE everything about your partner, how about yourself, are you 100% so completely satisfied with yourself that you do not wish you could change anything.
I compare my non love of Canadian weather with my chin, I mean seriously I am mostly happy with myself but I would love a chin,  you now one that in a profile looks like a chin,  one if I look down did not look double.  I have a recessive chin, always have,  does it make me look ugly, no of course not but if I had a choice and the extra dough then I would fix my chin.  Well Canada your weather is my chin,  would I fix it,  no question,  does it make me hate you,  of course not but Like I said it is not your best feature.

Today is a Plaid and Pleather day, wearing my new Kiki LaRue leather look leggings, with a target plaid shirt and a J Crew Sweater.  Necklace set from Ricki’s.  Coat is a Fairweather find from like 10 years ago, It is the perfect coat, goes with jeans, leggings and suits,  large enough t let me wear a blazer underneath but not so large that I feel big,  Has a hood and covers the butt perfectly.  I have been in a quandry, zipper broke so do I replace the coat or the zipper,  replacing zippers cost more than buying a new coat but I am going to ake the hit on this one, I cannot find a suitable replacement.  Scarf is a Christmas gift from Kent and my new winter boots ( Cougar)  Been looking awhile for a pair of boots that are slightly dressier then my Northface and Sorels but will still keep me warm, and not cost a ton of money,  These were at winners for 69.99 so I think that is a win for me.

  • Plaid…haha! You know how I feel about plaid and the pleather pants rock! Diggin' the boots too…all I wear in the winter are my Bearpaws and my Sheep Touch boots. I don't know where my love for ugg-like boots came from because I used to think they were hideous. And I feel ya on the weather…it needs to be over. Unfortunately we're looking at another couple of months of this yuckiness.