Loving Life after 50


I feel like I have been so out of touch lately,  going to Thunder Bay and staying in a hotel where my laptop refused to cooperate did not help. I mean seriously you would think that little tool of mine would understand the importance of not falling behind.  Imagine, its not like i was on a fun vacation and on purpose ignoring the rest of you and what you were up to.  I was diligently working each night trying to get the internet to hook up so I could blog get my work done.

Sunday was a good/bad day,  stuck in the Toronto airport from 9:00 A.M. until 2:00 P.M. so it allowed me to catch up on all the blogs I follow and upload a few pictures,  but I have not yet progressed to the comfortable stage of taking outfit selfies in a very busy airport,  may have created some great background footage but I truly am just not there yet.

Crazy week few days coming up for work,  have several files I need to complete before leaving on my vacation, plus I need to pack and get ready and to top it off I need to figure out what I am going to do for my blog,  I mean seriously I cannot leave it alone for two weeks, it’s just a baby and babies need nurturing.
the 6 days in Miami will be ok but the 7 on the cruise hmmmm..  looks like I will be spending the next little while prepping and planing.

Todays outfit is one suitable for what they are referring to as ” Frost Bite warnings”  good lord, I can’t even go outside for a walk or I could freeze my little toes off.  My new monogram sweater then Hails picked up for me,  it is so me,  all pink and monogrammed, and then on the plane reading the old copy of Style Watch , well dang, there it was, the ting to have this year.
Pairing my sweater with some work wear to create what I call Work Preppy attire.
Pants by Calvin Klein, Blouse by Urban Outfitters, Blazer by zellers, Shoes by Zellers and jewellery by Go Jane.( also wearing my new target Coat and the scarf Kent got me for Christmas.

linking up with Fizz and Frosting so although a new sweater I did wear with gingham and denim on the weekend.

  • Thanks for linking up with Manic Monday today! I love your pops of PINK today! Very flattering on you and just a fun way to brighten up winter in general. Hang in there and I hope you survive your next few crazy weeks of work!
    On the Daily Express

    • Thanks, I am digging the pink this winter, always wore it in summer but not so much in winter, work will be busy and then vacation starts Thursday, yea. Thanks for hosting the link up

  • Hello,

    I am stopping by and showing some love. Speaking of love, I love this outfit. Where did you that sweater? I am a part of the SITS girls tribe.


    • Cool, first time for SITS for me, Sweater is from Old Navy,

  • Love the shoes and necklace, very cute!!!

    • Thanks, necklace is a this year shoes are really old but have lasted perfectly

  • I need your heels!! Like stat! 😉 LOL Stopping by to say hi from your SITS girls tribe. 🙂 Nice to meet you!

  • Oh my, I can sense the tension in your post! But glad you're combatting your stress with bright colors! Sending you strong vibes!
    Thanks for sharing this with manic monday!!