Loving Life after 50

Random Shots of Winnipeg

I figured I cannot keep tormenting you with comments about Winnipeg and not show you little bits. ( and I do mean little as I am not venturing far)

My original thought was  hmmm how would you like a tour from outside my window.

Yea I hear ya not a very satisfying tour is it,  for the record I am staying at the Forks and it is pretty cool just wish it was tad less cold ( good lord I do sound like a broken record).

This is the new Canadian Museum for Human Rights, very awesome structure,  my quick walk over did not give me the picture perfect spot  but it should give you some idea of the grandeur of the building

Surfed on line and found this aerial shot for you, pretty awesome isn’t it.

Train at the Forks

Outdoor Skating Rink and I actually saw a few people skating today BRRRR.

Market filled with quaint shops.

Stay warm and enjoy the rest of your day.