Loving Life after 50


I have runner  jogger envy, it is one of those activities that I would really like to try but this body of mine just does not seem to agree.  I walk like a fiend but running jogging,  not so much. Kent jokes that I would probably beat myself when I walk if I challenged running me to a challenge.

You think I am kidding don’t you, I swear when I am “running fast” I swear I am moving at top speed and I could never figure out why I was always getting yelled at….
during baseball when they are screaming at me to RUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNN, I swear I am,
I think this is me

everyone else sees…..

I took a 12 week sculpting course ( body  that is) and I dreaded the cardio workouts, I was always getting screamed at for not trying hard enough, for gosh sakes I am trying its just there appears to be some time lapse between brain and legs.  I cannot even demonstrate it for you as no-one has made a gif slow enough yet..

I am like the bionic woman in the slow motion sequence,  the one you want with you when the zombie apocalypse hits as they will get me long before they get you.  I wonder if I was turned into a zombie and it was like world war z where they run really fast would I then be fast, or would I still be that slow walking dead zombie always left behind….food for thought ( no pun intended.)

I have tried the running  jogging tips they all over, you know walk 2, jog 1, then walk 1 jog 1, the walk 1 jog 2, and that is as far as I get, when I realize the spped I am going  on the treadmill is almost the same speed because I can walk that fast and feel way better.

I have finally realized it is far better for me to keep walking and use the eliptical and leave the running/ jogging  to all those graceful gazelles,
Then something happens like a “50th” birthday coming up and this becomes me.

then I remember

 and what I probably look like


What is a girl to do

so I think I will keep walking on my treadmill and using the eliptical, jogging… maybe next year.
 or maybe when this can happen
Jogging with My Cat gif