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Travel Frustrations and my OOTD

Fackkkkkkkkkkkkkkk I am sitting in the Toronto Airport and I swear to god I have been waiting 53 minutes for the friggin Boingo network to connect so I can surf the net.  There are these awesome ipads at every table but that does not help me upload my pictures now does it.  What the frig is going on,  Sunday I was here and had no issues whatsoever connecting but today,  not so much.  Excuse my French but I am probably the least patient person. ( so “excuse my French” for those of you looking at the screen going what the hay, this looks English to me,  is an expression we frequently use if we have let out a little swear word)  Wow you sure learn a lot on my blog don’t you, or at least you learn a lot of very funny expressions.
So I am sitting here at the moment in the lovely boarding area typing away in a word document as Kent sits across the table playing a dang slot game on the IPad,  its not the game that is causing the dang,  it’s the bloody sound,  wouldn’t mind if we were in a real casino and all those dings were realy money but not so much when it is internet play money.

Look at the Ipad holders do they not look like little high heels???? or is it that I see heels everywhere…So I disgress but it is only the cute little high heels that are stopping my from blowing my cool,  and the bud light is helping too.  It has now been exactly one hour and the F’ing thing is still not connected.

I apologize folks, this is Linda in true internet frustration. I have the patience of a gnat.

Today is travel time and what does one wear while traveling from -37 to +24, layers and bright colours.
Outfit compliments of many stores ( Paid for by me but purchased from them is what I mean,  no c/o in front  LOL)
Sweater, Vanheusen, tank, Tommy, Jeans Pure by Zellers, shoes by Tom’s, Blazer by Rickis and scarf a boutique store in North Conway.