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Who am I

Three of my favourite pictures and what they mean to me.

This was a task I was recently asked to complete by one of my favourite bloggers, Erin at Two Thirds Hazel, she asked me to pick three of my favourite pictures and explain what they actually mean to me.

First of all how can one even limit favourite pictures to three,  good lord, I cannot even limit my OOTD posts to 3-6 pictures and most of them aren’t even very good, I can do this I know it.
I have selected three plus a bonus, each of them rank amoungst my fav. Please note they may not even be the best pics of all times but they each mean something so very special.


My blended Family, this was taken at the family reunion for Kents family and I was so happy that Carly was able to join us, Carly, Nic and Ryan get along as if they were true siblings,  I am so proud of my family and this picture just seems to capture all that is us.


Kent and I in Mexico, a picture capturing how much we love to travel and how happy we are with each other and being together.


My Festival Family,  I volunteer at several music festivals and this is me and my favourite gals during stage set up, hard hats and steel toes are a must.  This is July 2nd so it is like 30 degrees C, and we are in hard hats and boots,  love these girls.  Music Festival volunteering is a large part of who I am so I needed to include a little bit of that to show you exactly who I am.


This is my bonus picture and I love it, My Meeko watching Stargate SG1 with me on my laptop, shows how much I love my cat, my laptop and my scy fy shows, all the while laying in bed ( another thing I love)

Hope you are once again having a great day and I hope I am having mucho drinks on the beach in Hondoras. (