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A Snickers will not fix this mood

WARNING Parental Guidance may be required due to coarse language.( a few bad words Sorry)


For the record this was me last night,  although probably slightly louder and more vocal.  I know hard to believe,  little ole me when she gets angry and frustrated turns into someone else altogether. ( and  giving me a snickers bar will not change me back,  just so ya know). Last night I got home from work and had no cable and NO FRIGGIN INTERNET,  can you f’ing believe it.

Well not sure how you all would react to that but me it’s kind of like:

So I calmed down just slightly and called the cable company that I deal with ( depending on what happens today will depend on shall they be named or not), so after 45 minutes of I don’t know, I’m not sure and can you hold and repeatedly being asked are you sure you didn’t move anything, reset anything…. ( I was at WORK people, I have told you this many times already and NO my CAT does not have the ability to hijack my modem) and seriously,  who designs the ” hold” music,  if I wasn’t angry when the call started after 30 straight minutes of being kept on hold and being forced to hear the worst set of music like EVER…
Mr Customer Service ( number two) comes on and tells me it must be a problem outside the house and they can have a service guy, wait for it, tomorrow between 12 and 5..  have I mentioned yet that I WORK for a living.

So after trying to calmly explain that this is unacceptable, I need the internet as I have a work project I am supposed to be doing and I need the internet like one hour ago when I got home,  the guy then proceeds to tell me, well if tomorrow is no good and during the day is no good I think we can have someone there Saturday,  OK, WHAT, sorry for this people but then I really lost it and I believe I actually said ( no I know I actually did say because Kent confirmed it) Close your ears kids ” you have got to be FUCKING kidding me.”
Sorry again folks but I have just told the guy I need my internet for work and he is suggesting Saturday for a fix date,  Saturday…..well I cannot wait till Saturday so yea you guessed it, I will be taking time off work because of this ” WONDERFUL COMPANY”.  Worst thing is I have a great employer with great policies so normally I would have been allowed to work from home today but hard to do without internet isn’t it.

I think my frustration stems from the additional fact that I switched providers in November and it has been a fiasco from the start,  they messed up the installation, they lost my phone number, this is the second time, yea second time in two months that I have lost internet and cable ( and the other company I used to deal with for over 20 years never gave me this trouble,  I stopped and thought back never once did I ever lose my service for longer then it took to reset a modem.)

So this morning in the cold light of day as I type my post all I can think is

Please excuse the casualness of my work attire today,  I am going in to pick up files, clean up some stuff and then head home to sit in my house without cable and internet ( oh yea and have I mentioned I have almost maxxed out my data on my phone for the month so there will be no posting at home either)
I shall wait for the service man to show up and most likely tell me either a) its a modem problem that could have been fixed or b) the modem is kaput and I expect he will be there at 5:00 cuz there is no way I would be lucky enough to have them show at 12:00 or close to that right…  So how about you any fun dealings with cable and internet companies???
So without further ado I give you the complete unedited version of MOI



The Vanheusen sweater you have seen before but today I am wearing a new plaid shirt I purchased at Old Navy ( 6.00, say WHATTT), jeans were again this weekend from Old Navy.  Shoes are Oxfords from G.H. Bass as is the neckace and earring set. Hair is by Linda ( LOL) called wash and wear by putting in a messy ponytail/bun while still wait.
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  • What a riff-raff!!! I hope it all gets fixed today!! I would have probably thrown out an F-bomb or two as well!! Boo for the cable guy!!!

    • It got fixed but I had to go 12 hours no internet thus no blog surfing, I swear I was going through withdrawl ( and it was the cable company's fault, they disconnected us "in error".

  • Michelle

    Glad to see you're wearing your @ss kicking shoes, you know, if you need them šŸ™‚

  • oh how many many many times have I been through that. We had a stretch where our internet/cable was out 4 times in three months. Every single time they tried to say it was us, not them…seriously. And we work from HOME. Ugh. We moved, changed services and never looked back.
    Here's to a better week ahead!
    alyssa b

    • the company did fess up it was their fault but it did not help last night when i had no internet ( bloggers without internet, not a pretty sight)

  • Love the casual look…the plaid and colorblock are perfect together. And I'm diggin' the new blog look too!

  • Thank you, don't usually go this casual during the week but it seemed appropriate today

  • Ugh that is so annoying! Love your colour blocking though!

    āœ°Transatlantic Blondeāœ°