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And Canada wins GOLD

Sitting in the Air Canada Lounge waiting for my flight and what’s a girl to do but crank out an additional blog post right?? Especially when 5 on Friday and Fan Friday are both link ups today. The tie in to those two link ups for this girl are my five this week are all sports related.

Please forgive a girl for bragging but there has been a lot of awesomeness happening just in the last two days. so here goes

1) Canada’s Women Curling takes the gold and becomes the first canadian womens team to go undefeated, yea for Jennifer Jones and her awesome team.

2) That was quickly followed by Team Canada Womens Hockey and as I said before I feel really bad for the other team ( Sorry USA) but holy batman what an amazing comeback

3) Woke up this morning to the announcement that we had just won a gold and a silver in W omens Ski Cross  in a spectacular finish and once again Oh Canada would be heard.  Plus OMG we are tied for second in medal count.
Canada's silver medalist Kelsey Serwa, left to right, and gold medalist Marielle Thompson celebrate their win following the Ladies Ski Cross final at the Sochi Winter Olympics in Krasnaya Polyana, Russia, Friday, Feb. 21, 2014.

4) The the Men’s curling team which had a faltering start pulled their butts out of the fire and GOLD……

yea I know we Canadians need to learn to chill down and not get so excited right….

5)Canadian Men’s Hockey Team just beat the US and are now in the Gold Medal Game,

Oh my friggin god this is just to awesome, and because we Canadians are way to chill to show our emotions, I borrowed these kids.

excited child

  • Congratulations to Canada. Can't say I'm pleased about the outcome of the hockey game, but generally I cheer on Canada almost as loudly as the USA.

    • I hear ya, both games were a bit heartbreaking even for me to watch

  • MAN, Canada is having a moment. Talk about sweeping the end of the olympic games! I'm impressed, and congratulations!!!

    • doing the dance of joy sitting in an airport. Kind of fun watching all these glorious sports in an airport full of people, LOL

  • Hockey is definitely Canada's game, and that's coming from an American!
    Congrats on the winnings. 😀