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Being Barefoot with No Worries

As I stare out the window of my den/office I am thinking longingly of sand, sun and walking barefoot in the grass.  Summer I so miss you….. Today the sun is shining but the temperature has dropped back to frigid temperatures, darn it, is anyone up there listening,  I am over this stuff, so over it. 
I am telling you  Brigette Bardot had it right ” you can walk barefoot with no worries”. What exactly does that mean you ask, well to me it is going back to simpler times, times when walking barefoot in the grass gave you happy thoughts not thoughts of oh gee better watch where I am stepping. Who doesn’t love the feeling of grass or sand on their toes.  Me as much as I am a shoe fanatic, outside I love being in my bare feet on the grass, in the sand just not in the snow. ( Good lord I wear my sorels from door to hot tub in the wintertime.) I am so longing for barefoot days to return.
Now if you are impatient for those days the hop over to Gypsy Dharma, a collection of handmade clothing and footwear and I am telling you the footwear feels like you are walking barefoot. (close enough feeling to make me feel like I am experiencing me some summer love again, or at least put happy thoughts of that in my head). 
I feel in love with these boots the minute I saw them, quality leather boots that make me feel like I am walking barefoot. I swear, every time I look at theses I think summer music festivals. I imagine myself strolling across the Bluesfest grounds feeling like I am walking barefoot ( but without any of those adult worries of broken glass and cigeratte buts).
Dharma Gypsy prides themselves on their unique clothing and leather boots for women. They are light and flexible, like wearing a second skin. That barefoot feeling for all you dancers, fairies, pixies, gypsies and space travellers ( or wanna be space travellers like me, can’t you just see River Tam from Firefly twirling in these)
Can you seriously look at these and not have happy summer ( HaHa for those of you who are Firefly fans) thoughts running through your head

Ankle boots, knee high boots and even quality flipflops, this girl is in leather heaven. The leather boots, feature an easy access zip on the inner leg and laces that allow you to tighten each accordingly to make them look and feel ideal. The sole is made from a very flexible and long lasting material to ensure that you could walk in these boots for hours or dance the night away and your precious feet will never get tired! All this is done to make them feel like your second skin, the way all your footwear is supposed to feel.
Hope on over to the website or checkout their facebook site, I promise you will not be disappointed with the boots ( oh yeah and for all you much smaller, cuter, younger, bolder types check out the skirts, I so wish I was 25 again if only to wear one of these.

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