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Celebrity Steal

I wanna be a star or do I,  I don’t really think so.  The loss of personal freedom, never being able to run out in sweats and a pony tail, mah, NO THANK YOU. I would however love to have their money, their wardrobes and their access to all things fashionable, current and on trend.

Most of us do have a love of all things celebrity and once someone we love or admire wears something inevitably we have to have it right???? Have you ever done that,  picked up the latest trash magazine, saw that outfit on someone whose style you admire and decided I have to have that, I need it, I want it…. I think we all have at one time or another. The secret however, is how can I dress like that with my budget ?? Now do not misunderstand me,there is no problem with buying the exact outfit they have if a) you have the budget for it and b) do not mind spending that much.  I, on the other and like to see if I can get that look without the heavy price tag attached to it. ( yea that is correct I am ultimately cheap, cheap, cheap.)

Today being a slow Sunday ( and the fact that all us Canadians were up at the crack of dawn to watch the gold medal game,  go Canada) I decided to play around with a few things I had in my closet and try to mimic a few outfits I found on line.

First up a style Icon I admire a lot Reese Witherspoon, a celebrity that seems so very down to earth and one who wears her pieces over and over again. She has a fabulous Denim/Chambray Shirt dress that we have seen on her a few times.

 I love all three looks on Reese and although I do not know the brand of her dress nor her accessories ( with the exception of her Chuck Taylors) I thought I would take a go at a few styling options.  Forgive the photos being inside but it is now cold and dark outside.

I found this shirt dress at J Crew Factory Outlet for $22.00 and I could not resist it.  Boots are from G.H. Bass ( great prices), Chuck Taylors in the middle although a little dirty and finally a great pair of flats that I found at Old Navy for 5.97.  Purse is one of my Favs from Coach ( again a factory outlet deal)
Each outfit I have own ranges from 28.00 -175.00, very affordable ( especially because purse, Boots and shoes will be worn many times with many outfits.

I then tried another Reese look

an awesome casual look that I could match with everything I already own.
and I cannot believe I am even showing you this picture as it is a very unflattering photo but:
Jean Jacket 5.00 at Target, Black Tank 12.00 at Vanheusen, Skirt 12.00 J Crew Factory, black flats, boutique store in Ottawa for 10.00. I love this outfit and when I am not feeling so bloated and the snow leaves you will probably see this on my blog again.
Now heading to a slightly higher end look, I have seen the Valentino Rock Studs on so many celebrities lately, well about a year ago I ordered a pair of shoes off of Shoe Dazzle ( the Erin) and it looks awfully similar to the Valentinos
so….Giving you my impression of Emma and Rebecca:

My adaptation of Emma’s look Leggings from KiKi LaLarue, Shirt from Ricki’s and shoes from Shoe dazzle

I did not have a red blazer but the fuschia gives you the flavour:  For me  Blazer was 5.00 at Target, white tank was 10.00 Old Navy, Leather look leggings from Kiki LaRue, shoes by shoe dazzle and clutch from Coach.
This was just me playing around to see what I could pull together on a lazy Sunday,  have you ever copied a celeb??? Do you have some celebrity steals that you would like to show off.  Tune back in tomorrow when I share an article from Paul Fredrick about how to steal a male celebrity’s style and what better celeb to choose, but the Leonardo DiCaprio.
Think I will now try and convince Kent he should try some styling…see it’s not hard to steal a style.

and when I really wore my Chambray:


  • This is SO FUN. We were totally on the same wavelength. Your Reese copycat look is spot on! I can't believe you found such a similar skirt. I love that look. Love your Rebecca look too! 🙂

    • I had looked at several Olivia looks as well, fun to try and match celebrities sometimes.