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Alice in the Rabbit Hole

* An editorial note,  after writing this blog post I had to go back and change the title because it seemed like such a random, mismatched pairing of topics that i started feeling you were going to feel like Alice when she fell down the Rabbit Hole.  It is however Random Wednesday so i will leave the post as is and hope you have the patients to make it through.  Happy Day everyone.

Are you a glass half empty or a glass half full kind of person?  Me I am usually a glass half full so today we are one day closer to the weekend and the end of yet another work week. Yea.  Trying to look at all the positives to negate how I am feeling about this weather.  Seriously I am so over this, I just want spring and then summer to quickly descend upon us.

So for a totally random fact about me I have never tried Greek Yogurt( well I did try a small spoonful of vanilla once about a year ago and thought it tasted like chalk). So on my last foray into the good old U.S. of A I picked up some flavoured “gurts” to try and then they promptly stayed in the fridge.  Well as you know I turned 50 recently,  good gosh right?, so I need to start eating better and taking care of my self. Today I threw one in my lunch bag.  Now let’s be clear I am a yogurt girl for breakie but just not usually ( or even ever) the Greek kind.  Today I did it, I ate the whole thing Yoplait Banana Cream. And guess what it still tasted like chalk….. but the more I kept eating it the more acclimatized my mouth became.  I think for the health/protein factor I can do this, so Greek Yogurt you and I are going to become fast friends, so I would like to introduce you to Mr Fiber One because next to Kent, he is probably my bestest friend in the world.

For all you greek yogurt foodies any tips for a newbie ( and do not say add berries because the only food I like in my yogurt is banana’s,  yeah I know I am worse then your two year old when it comes to food).

( PS no one has paid me nor even asked me to try this I just like to share everything LOL)

What the heck is going on with this weather anyway, -30 yesterday and +8 tomorrow , I just cannot figure out how to deal with this.  I think I am a tad more frustrated with it today because I am having such a difficult time taking outfit selfies.  Will I ever get this lighting correct????  ………WAIT, WHAT, WHERE THE HECK is she going with this right,  yogurt, weather, hump days, wgere the heck are the clothes??? I think I am just having some random, jumbled thoughts in my head,  guess that works as I hope if I ever get this post done to link up with Shanna and Random Wednesdays.  

As for my weather frustration and getting to the heart of what I usually start my day posting, I think it is a combination of what I am wearing because the shades of Blue and Green are both dark so it is hard to truly capture the look.  I have worn this dress two other times and funny thing, I thought I was a genious this morning when I matched this necklace but low and behold I wore it with this necklace the first time,  how funny.

I will not hold off on my outfit posting regardless of the light but I will tell you I like the pairing way better then it looks. I found this long vest in my closet that I have not worn this year ( it’s from the Selena Gomez collection at K Mart from 2012, well paired it with my Green Merino Dress from Zellers and I really liked the look.  Did try it with Navy shoes and with the booties and the booties seemed to suit the look better.
( Tights Old Navy, Booties GH Bass, Watch from Spring and Necklace Urban Planet)


Previous wears:


One last random thought/comment,  don’t forget my Thank You giveaway,  only one day left and the 100.00 Nordstrom giveaway on Because of Jackie.

Happy Wednesday Folks.