Loving Life after 50

Friday Five

Well it has been a pretty awesome week and I have missed the Friday Five the last few weeks so here goes

1) Returned from an awesome cruise and had a mini vacation on Miami, returned in time to watch the superbowl and had the pleasure of watching the Broncos get spanked, all while sitting outside in a raiders T Shirt and an open air patio, this is the life. Thinking superbowl is meant to be experienced outside in warm temperature, what do you think?

2) Received word that I was going to Ottawa Fashion Week with a media pass so I can write/blog about all that I see,  missed ast night due to travel issues but am set for today and there are a few designers that I am really looking forward to seeing. (stay tuned)

3) Due to weater advisories in Toronto we got to stay an extra day in Miami with no change fees, how awesome is that. Miami has had above seasonal temperatures lately so 84 degrees was the norm.

4)Today is my anniversary, Kent and I have been living together seven years today. Gotta tell you, live gets better and better every year.

5) I turned 50 and the world did not stop, I am still feeling awesome and have so much to smile about every day.

  My Birthday Dinner on the cruise.
  • Stopping by from the link up! Just wanted to say that I love that black necklace in the pictures! Where did you get it?

    • necklace was from Zellers just before Target bought the company, it was a steal of a deal.

  • Vacation AND Fashion Week!!! Lucky dog!

  • How fun you are going to Ottawa Fashion Week! Looks like your cruise was fun! Happy Birthday and Anniversary! 🙂

    • Thank you, fashion week was enjoyable and the cruise was awesome