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In Love, War and Fashion, there can be no neutral

Can there in fact be neutral in Love, War and Fashion?? If we are smart there is.  

With love, maybe not when it comes to our own but there is no question with friends and family we should always be neutral, am I right??  Think about that for a moment, how many times has a friend experienced a bad breakup,  you provide that shoulder to cry on, the bottle of wine to drown the sorrows and then you should STOP there.  Do not comment, do not engage in trash talk, remain neutral and that way when they make up next week you have not said or done anything that is going to get you in trouble, so for Love yes there can be a neutral.

For War, well this one is a tough one for me, remain on the sidelines and do not engage…. hmmm not so much my style but it seemed to work well for Switzerland.  Switzerland home of great chocolate and great watches ( and fantastic skiing), you can at least make us pause for thought on the concept of neutral.

For Fashion, well what is neutral anyway…..Some neutral colors for clothing have traditionally been shades of  black, tan, brown, white, and nude. These colors can be mixed with almost any other color. Today I think leopard is a neutral and pearl is a neutral.  I mean seriously leopard and pearls go with everything right so by the standard fashion definition they are neutral. I think we can even add a little camo or khaki cuz have you ever seen anything not match that.. No I didn’t think so. So my definition of neutral is a little leopard and a lot of pearl mixed in with any other colour you want and for today that is basic black, showing that I can abide by some tried and true fashion rules.

Today I am matching up with Walking in Memphis in High Heels for the Neutral Look. I also will be visiting 
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Now for something really fun, today I am participating in an awesome giveaway with Because of Jackie a 100.00 gift card for Nordstrom and guess what,  they are having a shoe sale today, an epic shoe sale actually ( just read that on Glossy Blonde so how perfect is the timing of this). So hop on down past my most awesome pictures ( LOL, come on  for Canada in winter and -30, office pictures are awesome ) and enter this most exciting Giveaway.
My Cara Box Scarf from Ashley

Todays outfit:  Dress by Target, Boyfriend Cardigan and tights from Old Navy, shoes from Kmart ( WHAT)
Pearls from Go Jane. and all topped off with an awesome sock bun.

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Plus don’t forget my Thank you giveaway, wow, WHAT……………  two giveaways, I know how fantastic is that little tidbit of information,  you get to see my awesome neutral outfit today and enter two giveaways.  You are most Welcome.
  • The belt and shoes really tie everything together!! I love that scarf šŸ™‚

  • thank you

  • Loving the leopard, I'm afraid I'm slightly addicted to it, too;)

  • Hi Stopping by form a Transatlantic blond Link up, Because I saw your green scarf I just knit one very similar, I love the green . I agree a leopard print is a neutral these days and I total love them, You look great !

  • huge fan of that belt! so cute…
    Happy Wednesday!

    alyssa b
    alyssabarnettbeauty.com (we're having a giveaway – stop by!)

    • thanks found it at Wilson leather when they still carried womans belts

  • Love the leopard belt! Super cute! Please grab/add the badge to your post and comment on the main post plus one more. Thanks for linking up to What I Wore!

    āœ°Transatlantic Blondeāœ°

    • Thank you, and thanks for the heads up on the button it had disappeared off my page so I have fixed it.