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In the Pink and my OOTD

Wow, if I thought I had trouble with the alarm on Monday that was nothing compared to this morning.  As if my travel woes were not enough yesterday, the whole thing was capped off with mechanical difficulties for my return flight so I did not get home till midnight.  Have you ever had a bad travel day, got home at midnight and crawled right into bed, well let me tell you, it is pretty hard to fall asleep right away. ( oh yeah and they did not keep the entertainment system going so I missed the last 13 minutes of Prisoners, so yea how that movie ended kept running through my head, )

So 6:22 ( which is really 6:12 as my alarm is set 10 minutes fast to fool me) came really early,  funny thing though, got up 30 minutes late yet still managed to leave the house earlier than I did Monday,  what the frack is that all about.

Needed some colour to compensate for lack of sleep and the fact that i had to wash my hair today ( TMI right) So no time for a blowout and style so let’s compensate with COLOUR, LOTS OF COLOUR.

My favourite Target skirt with a pink cashmere sweater. Had the perfect necklace,  think I bought this two years ago at Vanheusen and never found the perfect outfit to wear it with, well problem solved, I like this combo and the necklace is the perfect finish ( in my humble opinion)

my unhappy fake smile morning face: but is that not a great scarf, present from Kent.( nice shiny nose, guess that means the sun is shining)

 Previous wear:

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  • Gorgeous skirt! I love it with the pink!

  • it is one of my favs, I saw it on instagram on Hello Gorgeous and I just had to have it.

  • bummer about your travel and lack of sleep, but on the bright side, you look great. i love that skirt!