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Little Bit Dotty Today

Heavens, how late am I to the party???? Travel day again,trying to get to that meeting I missed last week.  Well this time I made it so I am sitting in the hotel room trying to catch up on all things blog and social media related. Long day today, put in time at the office, had a meeting and then traveled cross country and oh yea CANADA WON THE GOLD, how awesome is that….
Not that the game was important or anything but every boardroom in our building had the game on for people to watch on breaks and lunches ( yea on their breaks lol). I swear I would have hear the screams of joy if I had been in the air already but fortunately I was not, I was still groundside for that momentous occasion.  I feel bad for the US team that has to feel awful, up two nothing with three minutes left in the game and then wham bam thank ya mam, it’s over.

So today was a dress casual for the office as I was heading to the airport at 3, Skinny jeans and boots kind of day, I really did not want to have to check any bags so I needed to determine the outfit for today and for tomorrow.  Factoring in air travel, office work, meeting and temperature.  So today knowing I love the skinnies and boots or leggings and boots look when traveling,  skinnies with my blue polka dot blouse over a silk tank and add a blazer mix a few necklaces and we are good to go… boots will work tomorrow as well, but let’s not get to far ahead of ourselves tomorrows outfit I will describe tomorrow.

Did get outside for a few outdoor shoots but I am not as brave as some other bloggers, coat stays on people. Today Blouse,cami and jeans are all Old Navy,  Boots GH Bass, jewellery Vanheusen, Blazer Ricki’s.


















And this is what happens when you are a newbie and do not have the timer set with enough time.



So Happy thursday night folks, it is almost the weekend and best yet tomorrow is yet another extra special hockey game.  Go Canada Go