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Puppies and Bows

This is literally how I feel today, thank heavens it is Friday the last day of the week, the start of a weekend, let’s go yell it from the mountaintops, the week is over…. and even better February is over, done, completed, finito, never to be seen again ( at least for 11 more months). I do not want to be the bad parent here but Feb, I have to tell you,  you are not my favourite.  I d not want to go so far as to tell you I don’t like you or even despise you but…. your only redeeming factor is you are the runt of the litter, the petitie one but the ferociousness with how you deal with us in those 28 days, well just saying not my favourite.

Let’s examine for a second,  for me:
1) You do not have a statutory holiday contained within your 28 days ( at least not for me under federal legislation)

2) You have the most awkwardly spelled name of all 12 months, really why the extra “r”, no-one actually pronounces it anyway so kind of redundant..

3) You have Valentines Day which next to New Years is the one day of  the year guaranteed to make the majority of people feel like they are losers.  Seriously if you are single you are made to feel bad, if you don’t have special plans you are made to feel bad, if you are not given a Valentine,, I think you get the picture.

4) You normally have the snowiest/coldest days

5) On a personal note, its the anniversary of my Dad’s passing so you are doomed from the start in my books.

6)In Poland and the Ukrain you are known as the month of Ice or Hard Frost, neither concept very appealing right??

7) You have Ground Hogs Day, and enough said we all saw that movie.

8) Your sense of identity is a little off because every four years you decide to add an extra day making us not like you even more.

So as the day draws to a close all I can say is


So maybe I should have started out telling you all it has hit -30 with the windchill WHAT THE FRACK is going on, so feeling like I really did not want to crawl out of bed, I added puppies, bows and flowers to try and cheer me up.  Each piece on its own makes me happy but together today they are just not doing it.
It’s another Old Navy Day folks,  sweater ( new steal on the weekend 6.00), Pants ( few years ago Old Navy)  Cardigan ( boyfriend  yep Old Navy.  Shoes from Shoe Dazzle.  I have a confession though, I think I p’oed my little Meeko this morning,  can you imagine I am wearing a puppy sweater,  not a kitty sweater a PUPPY one,  she is totally not impressed with me.

Like February I was having an identity crisis,  none of my necklaces were doing it this morning,  they just did not look right, so I opted for Cardigan over and tried the scarf… 
my three looks today

Unedited so you can see the lines under the eyes, not sure but I think this month kicked my butt a bit.


 Shouldn’t this put a smile on your face??? 

Keeping with the puppy theme, chose to wear the boots in poodle mode today. 


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  • Fun floral shoes, Linda! This fox sweater is so versatile. I love all of the renditions for it. Have a fun weekend and just stay calm. Fashion item Friday would not be the same without you, honest. I appreciate your loyalty to it. (hug)

    • I love participating in your fashion friday. These shoes were one of those impulse buys and I love them

  • This is cute! February has been FREEZING here and I am over it!

  • Love your style! So cute!

  • I have that same bulldog sweater!! You look great, and I agree that February really sucks!
    Thanks for linking up for Passion For Fashion!