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Taking Fashion to a Whole New Level

Yesterday was a first for me, a first foray into the world of fashion on the runway. I have prided myself over the years as being somewhat fashionable but I had never ventured into this arena, what an eye opener.

It in some ways was everything I expected yet in other ways completely unexpected. I struggled with the concept of an outfit, what is appropriate, one does not want to overdo it of course but what exactly does one wear?? I discounted black thinking way to ” traditional” in a non traditional way and I was not disappointed, I swear to you every person I saw in the first 45 minutes was dressed in, yep, BLACK. Wow glad I skipped that cliche.

Random pops of colour finally started appearing as well as more casual attire, interesting how the attendees ranged from high fashion outfits to, I kid you not, a Canadian Hockey Jersey and Jeans. ( By Canadian I do not mean Montreal Canadians, I mean Team Canada OK)

It did take me a while to figure out some of the more casually dressed attendees were proud parents of the models coming only to see their child take to the runway.

Walking in was all one would expect, a Photo area, merchandise displays and of course a bar because honestly who can sit through 5 hours of anything without a drink….

 Inside the runway, set up as you would expect and chairs marked for special guests and VIP’s.

During the first intermission gifts were left on the seats of all attendees.

One surprise aspect for this girl was the “people rounders”, those that round up the attendees and ensure optimal seating, they ensure that all seats in the front row are filled prior to the start of each set.

The collections themselves were better than expected, no extreme futuristic outfits, no extremes that one would not want to wear.  I truly was expecting a few really out there outfits and instead what I was treated to was a vast array of outfits that I would love to have hanging in  my closet.  The one area that did not disappoint though was the ridiculous heel height and make up on the models. Seriously folks why do they make these tall and skinny models were 5 and 6 inch heels, to make them look taller and skinnier???Personally, I think it is to ensure that they walk very slowly, I truly preferred when the models for Serendipity came out in their bare feet and guess what they still walked slowly and with that model gait.

The make up and hair, come on folks we do not need to see geisha girl bud mouths nor futuristic hair style, let the true beauty of the models show through. On whole this show was far tamer than those we see on TV from NY and Paris and most of the hair and makeup was not too over the top.
 ( Glad I missed the last collection where all the models wore mesh masks on their face, based on the pictures I have seen it did not add to the collection.)

My one piece of advise to Kelsey for her Serendipity line, ease up on the costume makeup and silly hairdos, I think this collections did not need rosebud lips and half updos, let the beauty of your clothes shine through and keep the distracting makeup off your models.

Overall I truly enjoyed this experience and I hope with time that 1) my words will flow a little easier in more descriptive terms, 2) I either get a better camera or my iphone learns to adapt to the runway lighting and 3) I actually get extended an invitation to cover additional shows.

I have to thank Front Page News in Ottawa for allowing me this fantastic opportunity to cover Ottawa Fashion Week.