Loving Life after 50

The difference in night and Day or Inside and Outside.

Location really does make a difference, a picture taken outside looks 100%, no actually 1000% better then what we take inside.  And this ladies and maybe some gents is the ongoing saga of the downside of living in the great white north and having a blog that includes fashion.

I have seen a few inventive solutions,  one bloggers husband create a nice neutral indoor space for her to use and I know she loves it. I have tried many areas in this house but either the background is to busy or the light really sucks, so my go to is my Office. Normally the pics turn out OK,  they are nowhere comparable to the awesome pics of some bloggers but most times you can at least get the gist of what I am wearing. It would also be easier if I did shoots in advance but if I am posting an OOTD, then it needs to be today’s OOTD, at least that is my current philosophy.

So today there was a break in the weather and I took a walk on my lunch. Snapped a few selfies and could not believe the difference.

 I am standing beside a park bench, notice anything wrong? Yea that is the seat

 So just a few random shots taken in the park and now I cannot help but wish this darn winter was over, to get outside to take some pictures,  thta would be so nice.  So my wish for tonight is you imagine the outfits I wear in the perfect setting and stick with me till the snow melts.

  • Haha the woes of trying to take pictures! My house is 100% not photo friendly. It drives me nuts!
    Nice cowl, glad it's getting some use! 🙂