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What Kind of Girl are you???

It has taken the blog world by storm, this funny little link up… I am sure you know the one I am talking about “What Kind of Girl Are You?”..143 Bloggers and counting and that is just the ones who have signed up, cuz there are lots more stealing copying  utilizing this idea.  Some of the posts are cute, some funny, some unexpected.They all however serve to remind us how unique we are while at the same time showing us that hey I am not the freak I thought I was, or maybe hmmm I am a bit on the strange side. What ever way you want to look at it, it is a fun and unique way of opening up and getting to now each other.

So for a little bit of randomness and to show us all that regardless of age, nationality, hair colour or size ( and many other factors) we all share so many fun quirks..

I am the kind of girl that sets the alarm 10 minutes fast to try and get up earlier and then lays there every morning calculating really what time it must be and how long do I really need to get ready.

I am the kind of girl that does not have the ability to not hit the snooze a minimum of three times every day ( even when I am excited about something) which also means I better make sure I never share a room with Erin or I will be cut like butter, ouchie.

I am the kind of girl that has to search every youtube video about soldiers returning and the highway of heros and then cry my eyes out. God bless them all

I am the kind of girl that cries during commercials and silly tv shows.

I am the kind of girl that has OCD when playing sequence and every marker must be perfectly in the middle of every square, and I will before every turn move every marker so that they are aligned correctly ( and is oh so lucky that the men in my life who supposedly love me will deliberately place them off center to drive me crazy).( this board would drive me crazy)

I am the kind of girl that once drove 12 hours to spend 24 hours with the guy I love and then drove 12 hours back home but it was totally worth it.

I am the kind of girl that will cut one small sliver of cake instead of a large piece and then go back for three more pieces.

I am the kind of girl that once I start something I become consumed with it, thank you netflix, blogging and all other hobbies I have.

I am the kind of girl that loves my beer and my wine.

I am the kind of girl that loves to entertain.

I am that girl, you know the one, the one that decorates her house every holiday and I mean every holiday and I will not apologize for that.

I am that kind of girl that eats her salad with her fingers, one little piece at a time and dips it ever so slightly in her dressing, don’t know why I do this but I cannot stop myself.

I am the kind of girl that hates a bath but loves the water, I will soak in my pool or hottub every night but cannot remember the last time I had a soak in the bathtub, just not something I enjoy at all.

I am the kind of girl that not only watchs scy fy but really wants to believe that there are other worlds and other people out there

Finally I am the kind of girl that did not realize how vain I actually was until social media and selfies became the norm and with that I easily seq way into yep OOTD

Recognizing I am on the road for a meeting and then will be flying back home,  Friday casual so I thought I would try pairing a flannel shirt ( Target) and Boyfriend Cardigan ( Old Navy) with a pencil skirt ( Ricki’s) and boots.( GH Bass)
Picked up two necklaces at the Artisan Shop in the airport and could not decide which one I liked best,finally went with the black and white as a bit of contrast.

  • I did the SAME thing with my daughter's birthday cake last night…three small slivers isn't as much as one HUGE piece, right?!

    • way less calories cuz you burn more with all that cutting and walking to the cupboard

  • I love the first necklace. Great ensemble and have a tremendous weekend and hope all you have planned will work out. Thanks for you devotion to Fashion item Friday! I love you here each week. Yay!

    • thanks and I ended up wearing that one, changed my mind at the last minute LOL,

  • So many of these things you wrote about yourself apply to me as well. But especially about cake and sequence. I love Sequence and I have to each pieces in the center..hah. Also I will start off with the teeniest bit of cake only to have gobbled up upto 2 whole pieces later on.haha..

    • why do we do that to ourselves right.. I saw I burn more calories by going to get more