Loving Life after 50

When Spring is Spring for a Day

+6 degrees today, its like spring has sprung for those of us in the blustery north.  THought I would take a walk on the wild side and try some outdoor outfit pictures.  What a bloody fiasco… I am having one of those days, the “fat” woes have kicked in after all that overindulging on vacation, light outside was not cooperating nor was the wind.

Moved inside and the light was better but I sure was not feeling good about the pictures, combination of pieces I have worn before but today I went with Navy leggings and tank and the purple boots. Sweater and Flannel are Old Navy, Tommy Tank, Michael Kors leggings and Giant Tiger Boots. ( What an odd pairing Michael Kors and Giant Tiger)

I guess some days the pictures just are not going to make you happy.  Moving on, went to Costco and yea once again a let’s keep it to a minimum turned into 150.00 for what…… always fun to cruise through Costco but not a Saturday Afternoon, the place was a zoo, makes you wonder what the store actually sells on any given day.
Got an urge for a tripod, and stopped at XS Cargo, 9.94 for a tripod and it is perfect…get ready to be dazzled as I get used to this baby.

or get ready to laugh as I get used to using a tripod.
Little late in posting as I got distracted by an awesome 6 course dinner, that update will be later today.
Happy Saturday (even though it is now Sunday)