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10 Reasons I Can’t Wait for Summer……….

Warning:  Very Photo heavy
Has the weather got you down?  Feeling sad when you look out that window? Is this your view when you pull out of the driveway? It probably means you live in Canada or the Northern US
I don’t know about you but personally I am tired of this, what is pretty in December is not pretty in March.
You have heard it before on my blog but I cannot say it enough I AM OVER THIS!, Are ya there god it’s me Margaret Linda????  Can you hear me, HELLOOOOOOOOOO
In the spirit of wishful thinking and/or dreaming  my ten reasons I cannot wait for Summer
1) Lounging by my pool

2) Sitting under an umbrella in my back yard

3) Enjoying the Bar in our Backyard

4) Seeing this when I walk out the front door

5) My Flag flying without fear of Snow

6) Swimming

7) Pretty Flowers in my yard
8) My front Door looking like A not B
9) Enjoying this view from under the Gazebo
10) And especially this::


My biggest fear is in 2007, Easter was in April and this is what it looked like:
In 2010 Easter was in March and the temperature was 35 (95 F) degrees in the backyard and we opened the pool

 and ate on the deck….

I just have a really bad feeling that I am not going to be enjoying my backyard for while and for the record this is not enjoyable at all ( OK maybe a little)

Hooking up for some wishful thinking:

The Daily Tay
  • Your backyard rocks! Can I come over for a blate this summer?

  • i cannot wait to dip my toes in the pool!!! i am so ready for it to be warm!

  • I love water so your pool is right up my alley. I cant wait to go to the beaches and dress in something other than my NorthFace jacket. I also just want to see the sun more often than snow.