Loving Life after 50

ABC’s of me

A short time ago, I saw the cutest post from Forever Young the Blog and I thought I would use it today. I mean it is a Saturday and we all need something to read right?? Plus I am in the midst of preparing for a major interview and I really need a break.

I think this is a fun way to learn more about bloggers we read every day, so here goes nothing.

A – Age: 50 years 28 days, OMG

B – Birthday: January 31
– Color: Pink ( and maybe Green or maybe leopard)
D – Drink: Diet Pepsi with lime, all day  everyday ( and yes In Canada we still have it, should not say still as they stopped for awhile but resumed, yea, only thing better was Diet Pepsi Twist.)

– Essential Item: Laptop or IPhone and internet ( had to go 12 hours with no internet swear I addicted like I was addicted to crack)
F – Flashback: all my “firsts”

G – Gent: David Boreanaz or Michael Shanks ( I have a Pinterest Board dedicated to them, good god I am pathetic) I mean just look at these two.

                              David Boreanaz    #@#Michael Shanks

H – Hobby: All things Social Media, Shopping, Reading , Golf, Travel, Music Festivals
– Indulgence: anything chocolate
J – Job: I am an Exclusion and Designations Officer with the largest Public Sector Union in Canada. I love my job and I work with awesome people.
K – Kiddos: two steps and one partial ( my neice who is like my daughter).  All are above the age of majority now.
L – Live: Ottawa, Ontario The Nations Capital and I love my city
M – Music: Most:  Fav’s: FUN, Tom Morello, Bruce, Green Day, Simple Plan, Scotty McCreery ( I know pretty eclectic taste) and my Boys R.M and The Honest Heart Collective

N – Nickname: Lou

O – Overnight hospital stays: Tounsils when I was three, blood clot when I was 8? and then internal issues at 35.

P – Pets: one Meeko, my baby ( PS don’t let the baby face fool ya, she is 9)

Q – Quote from a movie: Harry Potter of course


R – Right or left: Right

– Siblings: 3 sisters and 2 step sisters ( yea we like girls in our family)
T – Temperature: Freezing all the time, I am in Canada remember

U – University: Mount Allison University: Commerce
V – Vehicle: GMC Terraine
– Worst Habit: chewing my cuticles or smacking gum ( or leaving my teabags in the sink)

X – X-ray: ankles, insides
Y – Yuck: mushrooms
Z – Zoo animal favorite: any cat like creature

So there ya go the ABC’s of moi.  How about you.