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Anchors Away

Today I had to return a coat to Old Navy.thought it was a men’s but turns out it was a woman’s so gee darn, had to take it back. Well I am not sure about you but it is physically not possible for me to return something without perusing around the store, some great deals today.  I managed to pick up a Navy Anchor Blouse for $20.00 a bright Yellow Jersy Dress for $20.00 and a blue anchor Halter Dress for $10.00 ( pus some cool anchor socks)
I am picturing both dresses under a denim jacket, the yellow paired with the anchor blouse, all three pieces paired with the necklace I purchased from Posh Little K…. the nautical possibilities are endless… I am excited to start wearing all things nautical ( with the temperatures to match if this snow ever leaves.)  Are you digging all the nautical items out this year???

On a sad note I did find a sweater I really wanted at Target but alas not in my size ( insert very sad face) I will be hunting for this sweater. A Cat with Glasses in Teal, so very Lindaesque

I also took a leap and purchased a Fitbit today, really miss wearing the pedometer to keep me on track so I thought his would be worth it.  The girl at Future shop said they cannot keep these on the shelf.  I will keep you updated on my progress. Outfit today was shopping casual, Chambray Shirt and Skinnies. ( all from Old Navy) Experimenting the the chambray shirt tucked in or not…
( Oxfords from Shoe Dazzle)

  • Love that anchor print, Linda! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  • Hey Linda! I love those oxfords…I wonder if we have Shoe Dazzle here in Vancouver? I like the shirt both out and with the front tucked in. You've got a pretty long leg line with both options! And the cat sweater…GAH…adorable, and right up there with Patti's bow tied cat!

    • Shoe Dazzle is an on line store ( shoe dazzle.com, sign up and then monitor for their sales)

  • I too love your oxfords, they are great with your whole look. Shame about the cat sweater, hope you are able to find one.

    • tried ordering but only for USA, sad face. Hopefully when I am in the states in a month I will find it.

  • Not into nautical for myself, but I"m excited to see what you come up with … if you love it, it will be amazing! You'll wear the little chambray shirt to death. Great purchases. Hope you find your kitty sweater! Sizes are always an issue for me. I'm always an hour late and dollar short. Drat!

  • OMG!!! I just LOVE those shoes!!! I want them!! But I saw in comments that they don't ship international 🙁
    You look fantastic.
    Thank you so much for linking with Très Chic Style Bits