Loving Life after 50

Friday Five (5) and an OOTD

What a week,  just glad happy pleased I am still not living in the East Coast so I did not get hit with that humongous snowstorm. The forecast for today is snow ( at the moment), followed by freezing rain, followed by rain, welcome spring ( NOT) At least with rain it means plus temperatures and melting snow right??? Maybe just maybe we will start to experience better weather.  I am telling you it is just wrong to wear a winter coat with sunny yellow rain boots, REALLY!!! rain boots are spring like, winter coats are not.

Today my five are going to be sports related:

1) March Madness continues and although Syracuse is out ( sad face) Last nights results are better than last weekends results so here’s to a smiling face that maybe this weekend will be better. I mean have you seen the “x’s”, I have games lost that have not even been played yet YIKES.

2) My Senators broke their six game losing streak in a shootout. ( disregard the fact that they lost the next night, they finally had a win)

3) It’s almost April which is the month the NFL schedule is released and we are really hoping to get to a Raiders home game this year.

4) Sweet 16 still has a Canadian Connection and It’s a guarantee that Canadian content will appear in the so-called “Elite Eight” as the Stanford-Dayton matchup features Canucks on each side.

5) no five for this week as we just found out that Bobby Ryan is out for the season,… so there ya have it my five is a four this week oops.

For todays outfit though I am wearing my dress from Oakleigh Rose and I love it,  so soft and cuddly and I can picture it taking me through all 4 seasons with varying lengths of leggings. ( and as an added benefit, the order to delvery process was extremely quick and efficient and there was no shipping, so for this Canadian Girl you have earned yourself a very loyal customer. ( and the packaging was perfect,  love, love, loved it) Kiki LaRue Leggings, Giant Tiger Boots and Urban outfitters necklace, earrings Stella & Dot