Loving Life after 50

Is it a Bad Thing?

Today I have been doing a lot of reflecting on some things that have happened lately and I decided to turn it into one of those fun kind of posts that maybe will inspire some others to try it. I am starting off with my “bad” related to blogging thoughts and then will progress to life in general.

Is it a bad thing, that as a result of blogging I have become an expert selfie taker?

Is it a bad thing that I am obsessed with stats and numbers and check them several to many times per day?

Is it a bad thing that I aspire to be on someone’s daily read list instead of working towards world peace?

Is it a bad thing that I would like cosmetic surgery on my neck or want a new chin?

Is it a bad thing that I experience a quick burst of anger when a giveaway excludes Canada?

Is it a bad thing to feel a little jealous at how others are doing and wonder why not me?

Is it bad to experience frustration with people you do not know because they do not follow link up rules and nothing happens to them?

Is it a bad thing to discuss what is happening to other bloggers to your spouse as if they were real life friends?

Is it a bad thing to wonder how do I gain 12 instagram followers in one day yet have three less on my totals, WTF?

Is it a bad thing that I say I am dieting but still have pizza and beer and wine and chocolate and wonder why the pounds don’t drop off faster?

Is it a bad thing to realize that I just increased my shoe count by three and necklace count by two in one week?

Is it a bad thing that I discovered POSH last night and proceeded to spend two hours ( after the treadmill) uploading pictures?

Is it a bad thing that I applied on a job I thought I wanted and I am not sad that I did not get it?

Is it a bad thing that I use vacation time so I can work harder at music festivals then I do my very well paying job?

Is it a bad thing to not be tolerant of people ” with helpful” suggestions when they have never done a job or task?

Well on a serious note the list could probably go on and on but then you will realize even more what a narcissistic person I am, or at least appear to be based on my quick to pop out bad things list. Yep, I am a bad person but I also have a kind heart and a generous soul so hopefully that will balance out some of my negatives when I get to the pearly gates.

This was all inspired by the fact that this morning I took 12 pictures of myself and 5 don’t count because they were shoe and necklace shots, so 7 pictures to find a few I was happy with to post for my outfit pic,  I think I have mastered the stance I like that to me at least appears the most flattering LOL,  What a sad little statement to make but no truly I am not that vain and egotistical at all.

Today I am wearing a yellow cardigan from Vanheusen that I love with a brown tweed pant/leggings from Rickis.  They are a very straight leg/skinny dress pant that feel like leggings on.  Paired with my new necklace from Posh Little K ( more about that great store coming up soon) and Signature pumps from Shoe Dazzle.
 ( I love their signature soles collection with their bright pink soles)



  • I love the pops of yellow. Bright and sunny!

    • I needed bright and sunny today because more snow in the forecast

  • I wonder the same about instagram!! Following you now – lets connect !

  • I LOVE those pumps!! You look ready for spring! It's about 50ish here in Denver, supposed to be close to 70 tomorrow and then snowing on Friday. What the heck gives?!!?!?!?! PS loved the idea for this post!!

    • Thanks and yes I am ready but I do not think the weather is

  • Ah Linda, I heart you. I love your honesty and fun, refreshing spirit. It goes perfectly with your yellow outfit. This cracks me up so much: "Is it bad to experience frustration with people you do not know because they do not follow link up rules and nothing happens to them?" No…not a bad thing at all, but there are definitely some challenges to handling those situations. 🙂 I will say if you host a linkup I will be joining it EVERY week and following all the rules correctly. And for the record, you are on my BLOG READS page. Just sayin.'
    Gina @ On the Daily Express

    • Thank yo so very much and I am trying to work up the nerve for a link up, seems like such a big girl step.

  • Love the yellow accents, beautiful necklace. Yep, I'm obsessed with the numbers too but I try not to let it consume me!

  • lookin fab linda! i can totally relate to some of your questions, especially the pizza thingy.hahaha! keep in touch!