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Oscar Review that may shock you.

 This is an area where the men are separated from the boys to use an old quote, Oscar dresses what was a hit what was a fail??? I will warn you that my epic fail will probably shock the heck out of you and I am most definitely in the minority here but it is what it is.
Starting on a high though there is no question that personal taste affects each decision but I for me these three ladies knocked it out of the park. Jennifer, Kristen and Kate.
Did you see Jennifer walk across that stage, the silver fringe shimmering with every step. I was not a fan of the hairstyle and thought she should have amped it up slightly but the dress was to die for.
Kristen is a petite dynamo that has such an enormous presence, this dress so suited her personality, the metallic trend helped her shine.
Kate, what else can you say but Kate, a vision in white, the silhouette of this dress… now this girl can carry off a plunging neckline

Charlize, Amy and Sandra all went for a far simpler line then expected but everyone of them was a knock out. Each wowed with the full package from the perfect hair to the perfect accessory.

A special shout out to G.R. wow this was one spectacular dress and kudos for keeping it together through the zipper mishap.

 Jennifer was a goddess on the carpet and I bet has started a new trend with the necklace down the back.

The most fun dress of the evening

and Goldie, my god you looked spectacular.

Worst of the night for me, three ladies who looked beautiful in spite of what they were wearing.
Angie, this dress did nothing to excite nor did it seem to hang properly, I think it was the placement in the chest area but this dress reminded me of a sack. 
Julia was wearing a lace sack and for me the lace with this line made it matronly.
Lupita: I know this will be a shock to most but a beautiful dress that looked horrid on, 

 When you see everything else she has worn this season, why oh why would anyone put her in a plunging gown

This beautiful woman was placed in a gown that accentuated probably the only unattractive body part that she has, sorry a concave chest is not attractive. So as pretty as the dress is, I cannot get past how it looks on..
My absolute worst dress award goes to a host though and one from Canada no less, on the left, how horrid was this, the 80’s called, they want their dress back.( only picture I could find online)
Finally Emma and Jon, this was just to cute not to include, his socks ust have to make you smile and she looked smashing ( a far better dress then the last one we caught her in, this one we know for sure, there is no is it a dress, is it pants what the heck is it)
  • I hated Angelina's dress too! It hung all wrong on top, almost like the elastic was misplaced. Bad bad bad.

    • It made her look " saggy" I guess is the best way to describe it.

  • I loved Sandra dress and I have to agree with you about Lupita. The dress is suited for someone who is a little bit more full on the top.
    I wish I was like her…wear an outfit that maybe wasn't the best for me but still overall look good. lol

    • no question, she was still beautiful but I think a dress in that color with a different bodice would have been stunning