Loving Life after 50

Power suit day

It’s Thursday, the day before Friday which is the end f the workweek yea…… ‘scuse me if I seem a little distracted today I have a really big interview this afternoon for something I wasn’t sure I really wanted but the more I prepared the more excited I became about the possibilities, so wish me luck and keep your fingers crossed OK.

Dressing today for 1) an interview and 2) FRIGGIN -23 AGAIN,  I swear folks this winter is never ending, snow in Georgia, Ice in Texas, warmer on Mars than Winnipeg…. but no we haven’t done anything to create this climate change  sure!!!!!!

This suit seems to be my go to anytime I need to feel “professional”, want people to take me seriously, call it what you want I find I rely on it for confidence, add some power red and very high heels to make me taller and I am set to go.

Weird concoction of clothing items today.  Blazer is  Fairweathers find from 10 years ago,  Pants Old Navy 7 years ago, Sweater Jones & Co, gift last Christmas, Shoes Shoe Dazzle 3 years ago and blouse from Ricki’s about 4 years ago.  So it is true, classic pieces always stay in style, you may look a little more conservative ( god I hate using that phrase) reserved,  going with that.



Why is it that wrinkles all deepen when you smile,  check out the lines under eyes… it is so wrong,  shouldn’t wrinkles lessen when you smile,  god’s reward to you for being a happy person.