Loving Life after 50

Spring Forward

It is a fabulous Saturday and the temperature has finally hit seasonal so the snow is starting to melt. Perfect day to start decorating for St Patrick’s Day ( yep I decorate for the Green celebration, does that surprise anyone)  Guess I will save those posts for another day,  figured I need to start scheduling posts in advance,  just because I have time on a particular day does not mean I need to post three times right. Today I will focus on the OOTD just because I actually took some outdoor pictures with my camera and a tripod,  OMG, yea I got a tripod. I believe I still need to learn the art of focus, self timing and many other things but it was fun and warm enough that I managed to enjoy it.

 And a few with the iphone, so yea it does make a difference sometimes.

 I phone is perfect in bright sunshine though.

Leggings from KiKi LaRue, Sweater from Ricki’s, T Shirt from Polo and Boots GiantTiger
Happy Women’s Day Everyone and do not forget to turn your clocks ahead one hour. 
  • Gorgeous outfit!
    May I have those leggings? Hehe. ;p


    • they are liking wearing baby fleece on your legs so very comfy

  • I love those boots! Man, I wish I had smaller calves!

    • Giant Tiger about 5 years ago ( and they were 10.00)

  • I am so scared to buy those leggings….thanks for showing me they can look cute!!