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Technical Difficulties

It’s Monday, what else can one say….. not sure what happened to my mood today but suffice it to say when Kent got home from the Car Doctor he commented, wondering what had happened.
I'm having technical difficulties with my attitude today. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. Avoidance is suggested for safety
Ever have one of those type of days, nothing to explain it,  you wake up fine, all seems right with the world and then bang everything just seems a little off kilter, today is that day for me. 
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Thank you Pinterest for putting everything in perspective. Seriously I have the day off and the sun is shining, granted it is still in the minus degrees and I swear spring is never coming not even for a short visit but I am here, I am alive and well and have a great life so slap me silly and tell me to buck up ok.
Thought I would pair my new anchor blouse with that awesome necklace I wore on Friday, went casual with the vans but it all worked for a great casual look.  I have only one issue, it is March 24th and I should not need to wear a cashmere pullover but to bloody cold.  Tried anther outdoor shoot and maybe if I could get the lighting better this would work.  
Sweater- Jones NY, Blouse and Jeans- Old Navy, Shoes from Vans and Necklace Posh little K.
Featuring the Fitbit which will be an ongoing guest of my posts.


 Gotta say I am loving the fitbit, makes you feel awesome about every step that you take.  Does not do much for the ascetic look of watch and bracelet but it will do.
Happy Monday Folks even if it is almost over.

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  • Alright, I need to print out that first Ecard and carry it around with me everywhere I go! Just so I don't have to try to explain myself when I'm already in ONE OF THOSE MOODS. Your outfit is certainly cheery though! It's hard not to smile with the nautical theme and those vans are so fun! Sorry that you're still needing a cashmere pullover…not too much longer…RIGHT? Thanks for linking up today!
    On the Daily Express

  • Your mood certainly doesn't show in your pictures! Your outfit is whimsical without looking costumey. I haven't had a great Monday, either, but tomorrow is another day…


    • Thanks, I managed to kind of shake it off., hope your day is better too

  • Hahah okay that ecard is amazing. So me some days!! Love your glasses!

  • Love the e-card. I can definitely related 🙂 Love your red glasses.