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The Year Spring Took a Vacation

Today is March 27th, Happy Birthday to the most wonderful Step Dad in the world( Lloyd) and Fergie and Nathan Fillion.  I mean it just would not be fair to wish Lloyd a Happy Birthday so publicly and leave out Fergie and Nathan right??

March 27th, wow, what a day you are  -19 this morning, I mean seriously folks getting very tired of this, the poor Atlantic Region of Canada ( and the Eastern seaboard of the US) are digging out after a god awful storm, 50 cm, it’s supposed to be spring right?

I “googled” March 27th and the only good thing to ever happen on this day ( other than Lloyd, Nathan and Fergie being born of course) is this is the day that Viagara was approved by the FDA in 1998,  not a bad thing of course but seriously that is the only positive google could find???

I think 2014 is going to be the year that Spring forgot, I think she took a vacation or maybe income averaging, regardless of the reason I think she has left us. If you see her in your travels could you tell her we really miss her and would love a visit.  Heck she can stay at my place, I don’t mind.

Today’s outfit is geared towards the weather and the sad fact is as much as I love these tights ( actually leotards cuz they are much heavier than tights) it is way to late in the year to be wearing tights…..

 yea, got my shoes fixed, if you recall the heel broke last week while I was at work and I ended up in the lovely sneakers all day.

Skirt is from Ricki’s (10.00), Tank from Winners, Boyfriend Cardigan Old Navy ( on sale),  Tights- Tommy Hilfiger,
Oxford/Booties GH Bass and Necklace- Artizan

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  • You look so polished in black and gray. The skirt and tights are awesome. Also happy birthday to your step-dad.

    Ada. =)

    • Thank you, were you having some blog issues, could not access you the last few days, thought you had disappeared.

  • Love the all gray look…and the nails…OMG! I think we had our last snow yesterday…fingers crossed!!

    • they are calling for snow and freezing rain tonight, I think we are in purgatory.