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Why I Follow You!

There have been a ton of interesting posts around the blog world lately,  oops, there are always interesting posts around the blog world but lately there have been some that just catch your interest. You know the posts I mean, the ones that reveal just a little more about the blogger,  not the surface stuff but the what I write, why I write, what I believe kind of posts.  The post that you read and you come away with the different or even a better understanding of the person behind the words.  One of the coolest ones lately ( for me cuz this is my blog right) is from Erin, 5 things I never Blog About., I really enjoyed this post and could so relate to the words she wrote.  Today I am not stealing her idea or reposting and basically regurgitating what she wrote but she gave me an idea.  Isn’t that what all this is about giving ideas, learning from each other??  BUT NOT STEALIN PEEPS, and apparently there is a bit of that going on so just a little reminder remember when we follow the successful, creative bloggers out there, give credit where it is due,  if ya use their idea that is OK as long as you give the credit back ( enough of a sermon back to my idea).

So I am a new blogger,  still a freshman in this lovely world,  I have been at this 6.5 months, so yea still a freshman.  I am however a very opinionated freshman and one that has very clear ideas about who I follow and who I don’t. So taking a page from Erin’s book of what she does not blog about I am going to tell you who I follow and why,  what is it that draws me to your blog ( and most importantly keeps me there)  What does it take to make my Daily Indulgences list and stay there.

1) A clean looking blog,  lord I hate, despise, abhor patterns all around, keep the background simple so that I can focus on your words and/or pictures.  Why do so many people feel the need to have Chevron backgrounds, or kittens jumping around?  This just distracts me from your post and hurts my eyes, so normally if I hop over to you and your blog is to busy I just move on, Seriously I move on to the point of I will forego a raffle entry. ( I a, the honest Joe if it says follow, I follow).

2) I love pictures and for me the more pictures the better but ya still gotta have some words people.. all pics  and no words does not give me any indication of who you are so nope, not following ya.

3) Irregular posting, I have dropped three blogs off my Daily Reads because they post so irregularly now, why do you do this folks. we follow cuz ya post…. I get the not every day thing,  that’s fine,  I even get I am going away or I need a break so don’t keep checking for the next month but just from my lips to your ears, if you want to keep your followers ya gotta give them something to follow or at least acknowledge where you are going for the next while. Lots of people take breaks and they tell ya that ( and when they do tell me well I still keep them around cuz I care enough to hope that they are coming back and will start sharing all their life adventures with me)

4) Fashion – if you are all about telling me what is in and posting pics of clothes in magazines and models  I most likely will not be following you,  I can pick up a magazine for that I want to see you in all your glory.  I like to see how the clothes look on real people and how “regular” people style something.

5) Lifestyle – I like the funny people but also the ones not afraid to touch on real life,  if you are hurting it’s ok to write about it,  makes you more real but if you become obsessed with it well I may not read ya daily but that’s OK cuz maybe others want to hear about that.

6) Link ups – good lord I am obsessed so if you have a link up you can be sure i am following you, coupled with my love of link ups is my ” good girl” upbringing so if the t=rule says follow I follow ( and why the heck do so many others not do that???? ) Again one of the funny ( and not funny haha) pieces of the blog world, you are linking up to get followers but you won’t follow back… makes zero sense.

I follow a few main types of blogs, I love fashion and style, I love the funny lifestylers and I love crafts/diy and recipe ones and If ya touch on all these topics all together well I love ya forever. That is my favourite a little bit of everything in your life,  guess that is where I put myself so it makes sense right.

 To Bloggers who comment back or send an email response well you guys are my heros,  there are some really successful bloggers ( and my definition of success is not Lauren Conrad stats here ok, if you have over 1000 you are a success in my book) who respond to you and react to your comments,  those I follow.  If you can take the time to acknowledge me,well you can be sure I will not only follow you, I read you regularly and share your blog with others.)

 Good lord I better stop because I am sure you only hopped over to see what the crazy chicky is wearing today right…
Casual Friday and the day started at -23 but it going to +2 so I thought I would wear my chambray denim
J Crew dress as a skirt and Blouse, so yea under a sweater.  Well that lasted 15 minutes in the work place as it is warm inside.

Little leopard scarf to go with my ” Cat” sweater from Old Navy

 Isn’t she pretty,  the leopard folks, the leopard.

For those who do not suffer the effects of winter,  that is “salt” on the boots, an always present pain in the butt substance,  cars and footwear arggggg

 Brought the Italian Charm bracelet back out.

and the best part of today…. yes,  getting outside and not freezing.

  • Cute little ensemble, Linda! I am so glad that chambray has been embraced again this year, and that adorable sweater is always great fun. WE appreciate you being at Fashion item Friday again and for your devotion to our blogs and posts, is right fine, too!

  • Love that dress, adorable! Great points!! And I think you could possibly say good lord as much as I do….we are destined to be friends haaaa

  • Love this outfit and this post. First time here. These are a lot of reasons that I follow some blogs. I hate a cluttered blog and a blog that is all about fashion as well. Its ok if there are some posts about fashion but I am not into beauty or fashion blogs.