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Crazy Horse Day

Today is an amazing, awesome Day….. we have decided to take the afternoon off and tomorrow and drive to Toronto to surprise the boys.  They have a show tonight at the Horse Shoe in Toronto ( anyone reading this in Toronto you may want to pop by). Kent flew up to surprise them two weeks ago but I have not seen them since January, so Yea super excited.

Well driving to TO and going to a show requires some ingenuity when dressing this morning, never know if you will have time to change or not. Why is it that we have such a difficult time figuring out what to wear?? Do you see the guys struggling to figure out what might be appropriate and what everyone else is going to have on??? No, that never happens and how often to you look at a guy in a bar and say ” well that’s not appropriate”  like NEVER. BUTTTT we women/girls/ladies  first of ll struggle with how to fit in and yet look standoutish but worry that everyone will think we are dressed totally inappropriately.

Kent’s go to is Jeans, cowboy boats, button down and blazer ( and sometimes a leather Jacket) and he always looks totally appropriate for where we are.  Today I am taking a page from the Boys Handbook, Jeans ( my new ripped boyfriends), Blazer and shirt/Blouse. ( not going with my cowboy boots because it is expected to rain today)

Old Navy Jeans and Blouse, Ricki’s Blazer and shoes from Native Shoes ( they are rubber and perfect for inclement weather ( and festivals)) The necklaces are all from my Mom.


and this my darling people is called Braid Hair, its what you get when you wash your hair and then braid it and have no time in the morning to fix ( except yes I did take a straightener to it, but this requires more dedicated time to straighten).  This is my Bohemian Hair look

Well skipping back to the concept of why do we have a difficult time dressing and the guys do not I thought I would steer all you ladies, who love your guys looking great, to a great giveaway I just discovered.
Of course just more great clothes so your guy will have even less trouble figuring out what to wear…

Check out Bonobos,  The Grind Giveaway

 This is a giveaway that they are hosting on their site, so to enter the sweeps for free,  you can access http://www.bonobos.com/b/sweeps/2014/the-grind during the Sweepstakes Entry Period and enter your email address.

The prize includes a Foundation Suit, five Weekday Warrior pants, and five Daily Grind dress shirts- with a total retail prize value of $1,665.

Seriously I am picturing Kent in their Foundation suit, Lord I love a guy in a suit, so hop over and enter for a chance to win big.


Don’t forget to also enter the 100.00 Target Giveaway
Today I am hooking up with Laura

  • No one would believe you are the mother of boys of that age..your colorful clothes and happy smile make you look fantastic

  • wow i love ur outfit.! u look fab