Loving Life after 50

Do NOT say it, do NOT even think it

Look at that Sky, is that not beautiful, sun is shining, not a cloud to be seen in the general vicinity but WAIT, WHAT……………….. what in heavens name is on the ground, yea, a four letter word is called for no question S.N.O.W fell again.

Insert warning here: do not say it, do not even think it, Yes I choose ( well did I choose if I am born here) to live in Canada but contrary to popular believe, we do not live in igloos ( normally) and we do not have winter 12 months of the year ( normally). This is just not right.

Normally we have winter in Ottawa from November to February/March, not till friggin APRIL.  Today April 16th and it is the coldest April 16th ever recorded in Ottawa. We had the highest variance in temperature going from 25 on Monday to -10 Tuesday. I swear to you if someone says there is no such thing as ” Climate Change” I will give them the Gibbs slap.

It sure is hard to get motivated to get dressed when it’s April and you see snow and minus temperatures so today is a hodge podge of previously worn items.
Pants and necklaces- Vanheusen, Tank- Tommy H, Blouse Old Navy, socks from Gold Toe ( cuz I needed socks today) Blazer from Ricki’s. Shoes – Restricted, purchased at Winners

Heading to my Mom’s on the East Coast tomorrow, here’s hoping and praying we get a nice Spring Easter Weekend ( and am i going to jinx myself if I pray for no flooding of the Saint John River to block our travel).
Cuz apparently this is happening in a lot of areas……

Ice jam