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Easter Deco Wreath

There is no question I am in love with decomesh, any size, any colour.. there is something about this crafting supply that just cries out to me. If you have been following me you will have noticed that I use this mesh frequently and with a quick change of colour my wreaths go from season to season, holiday to holiday.

My normal practice is using a wreath of greenery as a template but today I decided to try a wire frame and see if it is easier.
My tools today are Pastel Multi Colour mesh from Micheal’s ( 16.99 plus 20% off), Wire wreath frame ( 5.99 plus 20% off Micheal’s), Bunnies and eggs from the Dollarama. (1.25 each) Pipe cleaners again Dollarama.

Place pipe cleaners around wreath frame.

Working from inner circle start gathering mesh and attaching to frame with pipe cleaner, once the inner rim is covered, without cutting the mesh start working around middle cirle, continue onto outer rim until all deco ribbon has been used.

One of the benefits of this material is your wreath can be as full as you desire. If one spool was not enough for your taste, try another spool, maybe in a different colour, add some Easter ribbon, it is all a matter of personal taste.
Attach small stuffed bunnies to the frame with pipecleaners.

Add egg decorations where you feel appropriate and then attach to front door.

So for under $25.00 Canadian you know have an Easter Wreath ( and if you are prepared to wait for sales, I know Micheal’s puts their ribbon on for 40% off on a frequent basis).

I love the look of this wreath on my front door, especially with the crappy weather we have been having. I will say that I much prefer working with a wreath of greenery as it provides for a wreath that looks more ” full”