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Friday Five and the Spring OOTD

There are positive things happening all over the place especially the turn in the weather. I thin k, just maybe we are turning the corner here and can finally start to enjoy Spring.  If I don’t say it to loud and jinx everything, I think I can start getting the spring clothes out, ( fingers crossed, just maybe it is here to stay).
Yesterday hit 14 (57.2 F) and today it will be about the same.  Good lord I was able to wear a jean jacket today, talk about happy face feet.

It has been a good week, spent a lot of time debating attending the Blogging Conference and kent pushed me to take a chance so

1) My number one this week is registering for the BConnected Conference in Ottawa. The BConnected Conference is Canada’s first social media and networking conference targeting mom and dad bloggers; however it is open to any bloggers looking to enhance their social media and blogging skills. Attendees will also be able to connect with industry leaders and leading brands that are geared towards families. You’ll also be able to obtain hands-on and useful information to enhance your social media skills. Finally, bloggers will have the opportunity to connect with fellow bloggers to further their networking communities!  For this relatively new blogger, I am really excited about the opportunity to learn more about ” what I should be doing” and ” how to do it”  and especially to meet with and connect with other bloggers. 

2) The weather has me in a really good mood, I mean look at this:

The snow is starting to really melt, this is all that is left on the deck,  my potting stand is finally starting to see the light of day.
3) My volunteer work at the Ottawa Bluesfest is progressing and I am further ahead then I was this time last year.  Looks like the lineup has created enough interest that people are clamoring to volunteer and work. I mean seriously who wouldn’t want to experience this.  I have the greatest team in the world, they put in anywhere from 4-18 hours a day, rain or shine, freezing or steaming. Raincoats of garbage bags, sleeping where ya can, eating where ya can.. all of the upside and downside of volunteer work.
4) I have been exercising everyday, i joined the #1800minutechallenge over at Living in Yellow and am loving the fact that i have been able to build 60 minutes a day into my schedule, just maybe I will be back in shape by summer ( wish I could fast track to when we head to Florida but that may be a little over ambitious).
5) The yardwork has started, and this weekend while I am busy conferencing, Kent will be continuing with the yard work, cannot wait to get the furniture out and start enjoying the back yard.

Today I am reveling in all that is spring, the sun is shining, temperature is normal so the jean jacket has been released from captivity. ( I am still whimpy enough to need tights)  The jean jacket was a steal $5.00 at Target this fall and it fits perfectly, dress is a summer dress from Giant Tiger, Cardi from Banana Republic and shoes from Joe Fresh. Necklace is Posh Little K, and the hair is au natural, no drying, no straightening, just a huge mass of hair.

Finally I am participating in an awesome giveaway today,  I know, does that not just make this one of the best Friday’s???

  • Hi Linda, sounds like you have had a great week! Hope you have a good weekend too!


  • You are one busy girl! Looks like you have fun and enjoy life to the fullest! Love the pop of yellow with your outfit. Have great weekend!

  • hi Linda! Great ensemble and I think I love it more WITH the denim jacket. Great ensemble. Sorry you have so much snow. Man that is a bunch. and …we sure appreciate you at Fashion item Friday! I'm finally getting to let you know that. lol