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I am Nobody’s Fool

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April 1st, April Fool’s, a day that was way more fun was I was like 12. It sure feels like an April Fool’s kind of day, my fitbit told me I was awake 17 times last night and trust me I am feeling everyone of those at the moment. In addition to no sleep I have been suffering from some indigestion the last few days and sadly the only thing in common is chocolate,  can you imagine… Chocolate may be giving me this horrid feeling… I may have to get a trial separation, this is friggin traumatic people. Divorce is never pretty and I think we should try really hard to work things out but I cannot survive this misery,  Mr Choco you just may have to go.

ARGGGGGGGGGGGGG and no that is not an April Fool’s comment, I am a sad little pup this morning thinking my favourite may have just turned on me. Well with so little sleep and feeling utterly miserable today I went with a very casual nautical look.  The one benefit of my work place, pretty much anything goes. Jeans are Ok, shorts are OK, good lord I have even seen people in sweat pants but that is NOT A ME LOOK.
I like business casual, one of those look good, feel good philosophies. Today nah I just want to be comfortable.
Pairing my Old Navy Anchor Blouse with an Old Navy silk cami, my red Vanheusen pants and my vans.
Throw on the Anchor necklace and there ya have it.

One benefit of being up well before dawn I had time to take a few snaps outside.



  • Your outfit is so cute!! BUT I have to admit – I am slightly biased to the nautical theme. By the way – is that snow and ice in the background?!

    • Yea that is snow and ice, temperatures are finally changing but we have one pile of snow still to melt

  • You have to go with what YOU feel comfortable in šŸ™‚

    āœ°Transatlantic Blondeāœ°

  • Hi Linda! Thank you for joining us for "How I Wear My: Skirt." I loved those textured tights on you. I need to get some myself! Also, we are featuring sneakers for May's "How I Wear My" and based on this post with the Vans (love!), I insist you join us! This is such a great fun look. Please consider joining us again! XO, Jill