Loving Life after 50

I never believed the expression till Hell freezes over

 I always thought “Till Hell Freezes Over” was one of those “let’s exaggerate totally” phrases we use when something cannot possibly happen, or you know the expression your dad might use when grounding you when he was really, really mad.  To this day I am not sure if I am still grounded but I am hoping ( not to make light of his passing) that I am now released from the bonds of my captivity or at least I thought I was up till know.  I think Dad is finally letting me know that I am no longer grounded because I am sure it has frozen over this time. Yesterday it was 24 C and I did not need a coat nor tights and today, unfriggin believable folks, snow is coming down.

Today is supposed to be style a T Shirt Link up day,  a T Shirt, I don’t think so…. well heck what is a gal to do, well long sleeves, tights and a leather jacket should help right.

I am wearing PEACE in the hopes of calling a truce with the weather gods that apparently believe we are at WAR.

Skirt is J Crew Factory, T Shirt and tights are from Old Navy, Booties GH Bass, Jewellery from Ricki’s

Playing around with some camera settings and PicMonkey, trying to put all the lessons from this weekend to use, colour is a fumy thing isn’t it.  Same picture/person can look so different depending on the lighting used.

and just in case you have not seen my earlier post,  hop on over and have a read/listen and then hopefully you will go cast a vote. A Plea from the Heart.