Loving Life after 50

I refuse to be pigeon holed or trying to find my Niche

This weekend Ottawa hosted the first ever Mommy and Daddy Blogging Conference, open to all bloggers
 ( thankfully), BConnected.  I would consider the conference a rousing success and not only would I highly recommend attending I will myself, continue to go as long as it is available.  One of the main themes running through the conference was  Finding Your Niche” and while this makes perfect sense to me in one way, it makes zero sense to me in another,

Is finding your niche comparable to the world of generalists and specialists?? Quite possible so, but I must ask, is being a generalist that bad??? In the world of HR that I deal with frequently I find a generalist approach is far more effective, you may be an expert in one area but if you have no understanding of the other areas than you have no idea of what the impact of that decision/recommendation or advice may be. I do not ( unlike others)  consider a generalist to be a ” master of none” I actually believe they are the rudders steering the ship in the right direction, Remember, each piece on its own is usually useless, it is only the sum of all parts that truly matter.  Just my feeling.

I truly understand the concept of expertise for particular areas and yes, foodies can stick together, and exercise enthusiast can stick with a solitary topic but I do not want to be considered an “only”.  In my life I am not a specialist of one thing, I am a specialist of many things so thus I am a generalist? I love to post outfit pictures but I am not an expert on fashion, I love to post craft projects but I am sure many of you make far prettier crafts than I, I looove food and posting recipes but all those are made by the love of my life not by me,  I love to travel and I love festivals, so I am a lifestyle blogger that wants to give you experiences in all of the things that bring me pleasure.  I am a Life and OOTD Blogger, a new niche I could be  creating.

I post outfits ( everyday) and yes I will share where they are from but I will rarely share advise on fashions, so I am not sure I can be considered a ” Style” Blogger.  I post what I really am wearing, and what I really am eating and how I really am feeling at this moment.  I rarely will schedule posts in advance ( except for cookies because if I posted all at once what happens when i go on a baking frenzy I would lose you I am sure, so there I have scheduled in advance).

I guess I can be called a ” Here and Now” blogger, could that be my niche?? Can I write about the here and now and still keep your interest?? For today that is what I will be but possibly by tomorrow I will be a Life and OOTD because I will plan ahead.

Do you like being in a Niche, did you find it easy to define your Niche?

  Does a mommy blogger really want to be known as a mommy blogger?  Are you not more then the sum of that statement? Do you actually only blog about mommy things or is it because you are a mommy that you are in the niche?I understand the passion for a topic and focusing on that area like Travel, or pets, or books but does a catch all have to be frowned upon?? This is the question that I have been pondering since the conference started…… stay tuned one day i hope I will have an answer but for now you just get to experience my and my outfits ( and crafts, and food, and travel)

Today the weather in Ottawa is expected to hit 24 degrees Celcius an awesome weather day if it happens, so i am skipping the tights but I am not packing away all of my fall/winter clothes quite yet. ( They are calling for possible snow tomorrow, un friggin believable right).

Today Michael Kors is making one of his final appearances of the season ( I hope) adding a little Joe Fresh in the mix just because ( check out the detailing on the tank I got for 6.00)

Rain boots ( thank you GT Boutique) and umbrella cuz it was misting this am and is expected to rain by late this afternoon. ( See I am a weather blogger as well)

Tried a few outdoor shots but the lighting sucked.  For today I have not resized all my pictures like I was taught this weekend but I will start trying, this is my promise to you.

And in honour of Fizz and Frosting and Mix it Monday’s

  • Ooo I love how you shared all the completely different ways to sport this outfit! I hope today turns out to be a beautiful day. We had a pretty nice week last week but snow flurries today, yuck.

    I have found that Pic Monkey works really well for resizing pictures. It makes such a difference to the overall look of your blog and using that website only takes like 1 minutes to resize a photo.

  • I call myself variety. lol I don't really fit into any one niche at all. I blog about makeup/beauty, about health, I post recipes, I post things about me personally. I do book reviews. I mean variety is the spice of life so why fit yourself into just one bubble.

    I agree what Samantha said pic monkey is wonderful!

  • I think us generalists can pretty much pick and choose what category we want to be any given day. There's not enough credit given to generalists. In most areas, like HR you mentioned and in my PR day job, it's better to be a generalist anyway.